Change or Cancel My Booking

Tip: Effective 1 July 2018, your change or cancellation request online on this page, there will be a SGD70 per person charged (Online Change Fee). Online change fee will be waived for hotel bookings with free cancellation policy, kindly follow the prompts in the form below to proceed. Processing your request over the phone with our 24/7 Customer Support (+65 3157 9054, outside Singapore call +63 2626 3693), will incur a ZUJI change fee of SGD70 per person.

Please note: airline fees will apply.

If your request is for an urgent cancellation/amendment to a flight booking departing on a weekend (or) public holiday please contact the Airline directly/our Customer Support via phone.

1. What type of booking do you wish to change or cancel (Flight only, Hotel only or Holiday Package)?

Your itinerary may contain more than just flights, please tell us what you wish to change or cancel:

Note: Any changes to your existing hotel booking requires a cancellation. Please first check the hotel's cancellation policy on your voucher as there may be penalties. To proceed with a cancellation, click the 'next' button below. You may re-book afterwards if required.

Note: Car Rental- To cancel or change your car booking, please refer to the table below.

  Booked before 3 October 2016 Booked between 3 October 2016
and 14 December 2016
Booked after 15 December 2016
Booked with Flight and/or Hotel
Booked using ZUJI App
Car Only Booking
+61 2 9037 0120
+61 2 9037 0120
800 101 3019 (from Singapore)
+64 9 950 2211 (from overseas)
800 101 3019 (from Singapore)
+64 9 950 2211 (from overseas)

Note: Travel Insurance
Any changes or cancellations to travel insurance policies need to be made direct with Allianz.
Please phone +65 6535 1583 (Open Mon-Sun: 24 hours).

For a fast and efficient resolution to your request, please help us by filling out the above questions.