7 Ways To Get the Best Out Of Your Complimentary Korea Tour Card

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Seoul is undisputedly one of the hottest destinations among Singaporeans; with their mouth-watering array of street food, crazy cheap street shopping at Myeongdong, wide selection of cosmetics and skin care products… The list goes on and on! These popular shopping districts are also easily accessible by their efficient and tourist-friendly Transportation system.

From now till 30 June, book your flight with Asiana Airlines and receive a complimentary Korea Tour Card that entitles you to up to 50% worth of shopping, attractions and food discounts! No frills, no hidden costs, this Tour Card is almost like a godsend gift from the Gods of all Discounts. Being Singaporeans, we cannot say no to free stuff, can we? ;)

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 Furthermore, if you are travelling by  31 August, you get an extra 23kg extra baggage!

About the Korea Tour Card

Source: VisitKorea

Transportation Card

For every return trip booking to Seoul made with Asiana Airlines on ZUJI, you will get this card for free! It doubles up as a T-Money card, a transport card that is like the EZ Link card that we use in Singapore.

You can top up your card at any Korea Subway station, convenience stores and T-money Service Desk at Seoul Line 1-8, Incheon.

Discount and Perks Card

That’s not all; with this Korea Tour Card, you will be entitled to massive savings and discounts at various participating shopping centres, departmental stores, shows, theme parks and many more. In this week’s ZUJI Passport, we will share with you the expert tips on making the best use of this wonder card ;)

Korea Tour Card Perks & Discounts


O’ngo Food

Source: O’ngo Food Communications

Calling out to all foodies who are obsessed with the Korean Food Scene, embark on a food trail across Seoul with O’ngo, a food tour company! From the back alleys to the food markets, get ready for an overwhelming (in a good way) variety of Korean dishes!

Source: Justgola

Take up O’ngo’s cooking classes to spice up your boring meal options back in Singapore! You will be back in Singapore with skills enough to make you a domestic goddess (or god) and whip up a hearty Korean meal. Mmmhmm

O’ngo also conducts food tours for Muslim travellers so that you can enjoy some halal Korean meal in their bustling markets! :)

All tours and cooking classes are subjected to a 10% discount~ :D



Source: VisitKorea

If you love everything Matcha (Green Tea), O’sulloc Tea House will be right up your alley. Osulloc is a famous brand from Jeju that specialises in all things green tea. Green tea fans, you can rejoice now as you do not have to take a flight down to Jeju to have a taste of their delicious green tea concoctions. You can do so right in the heart of Seoul with a 10% discount off everything on their menu and satisfy your Matcha cravings.

Source: Square Onion

We highly recommend their swiss roll cake that filled with generous green tea cream that is light and refreshing. Their soft serves are good as well, the sweetness is just right with a hint of the green tea’s bitterness. YUMZ



Departmental Stores, Duty Free Shopping and Malls

Source: VisitKorea

Seoul is truly a shopping paradise for every shopaholic alive. There is a plethora of large departmental stores like Shinsegae, to Doota Mall and Duty Free shopping to satisfy your every whim and fancy. Discounts are tiered so the more you spend, the more you save!

Source: VisitKorea

Though you might spend quite a bit of money here, at least it’s comforting to know that as compared to Singapore, you will be saving at least 30% off the retail prices! It’s all about setting long term goals! So, go ahead and stock up a year’s supply of makeup and skin care products. :P

Source: The Shilla DutyFree

That’s not the end your perks as a tourist. Before you start your retail therapy of the various participating departmental stores’ Information Counter to collect your Coupon Book that are filled with exclusive and attractive discounts and vouchers of up to 50% so you can save more and then buy more! You will get welcome gifts like some free portable mobile charger, complimentary drinks and memorabilia to bring home too.

For the full list of participating malls, department and duty-free stores, visit their official site.


Kyobo Hottracks

Source: GlobalDaegu

Get your office or school supplies from Kyobo Hottracks, which specialises in quality Korean stationery. Alternatively, you can find some great gift ideas or souvenirs to gift your friends and family, all these at a 10% discount. Besides stationery, Kyobo Hottracks is known for their variety of KPOP albums, merchandise and digital goods. KPOP fans, now you know where you should head to ~


Theme Parks

Thrill seekers, look no further than Everland, Caribbean Bay and Lotte World to get your adrenaline rushing. Score yourself a 30% discount on these 3 theme parks when you flash your Korea Tour Card at the ticket counter.


Source: ZeroThreeTwo

Challenge yourself to Everland’s famous T-Express which many thrill seekers claim to be one of the most exhilarating and extreme rides ever!

Caribbean Bay

Source: Seungahl

Visiting during summer? Beat the heat at Caribbean Bay, the largest Waterpark in the city!

Lotte World

Source: Seoul Space

Though the rides at Lotte World are less exciting than Everland and Caribbean Bay, you will have a well-spent day there with plenty of photo opportunities. Otherwise, there is always some shopping to do ;) Hit the supermarket for some tidbits supplies, we all could do a lot better with some more chocolate and snacks!



With the likes of popular nonverbal performance shows like Nanta comes Sachoom, Jump and Fanta-stick. Enjoy these adrenaline pumping performances at up to 30% off their original prices!



Source: VisitKorea

Sachoom is a dance musical that encompasses various dance genres with international sold-out shows.


Source: VisitKorea

Jump has taken the world by storm with its exhilarating Asian fusion martial art performances.  


Source: VisitKorea

Fanta-Stick is a modern take on the traditional Gukak performance. Watch as the dancers prance across the stage to the rhythm of the traditional Korean instrumental music.


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Pop Culture

Source: KultScene

Of course, being the birthplace of the world’s phenomenal KPOP culture, fans of SM Town can go crazy at the COEXArtrium. This 4-level building holds a theatre, café, studio which is conceptualised a KPOP theme park in the city. Go on a scavenger hunt and seek your favourite star’s signature in every nook and cranny of this building.

Source: Dilussion

Ardent or crazed fans of EXO, SHINee, TVXQ, Red Velvet and f(x), you must not miss the Hologram Musical and Concert. While Changmin, Suho or Luna will not be performing before your eyes, the state-of-the-art technology at the theatre brings the performance to life! The Korea Tour Card entitles you to nearly 40% worth of discounts so you can scream in excitement while watching them. Or should we say, fangirl/fanboy to your heart’s content? :D

Source: VisitSeoul.net

Feeling peckish after the Hologram Concert? Head down to the SUM Café and feast your eyes on the array of delectable desserts that are inspired from the various SM Entertainment idol groups and get 10% off~

Complete your KPOP pilgrimage with a photo taken with your idols. Not literally but with a photobooth and you get a 20% discount and yay, you got a photo with your beloved Siwon or Kai oppa.


History and Arts

History – National Museum of Korea

Source: Life in Korea

Take some time out of your packed itinerary to understand more about the history of Korea at the National Museum of Korea and get your memorabilia at 10% off, for some pieces of history to mark your trip for Seoul.

Arts – National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art

Source: The Chosunilbo

If contemporary art is your cup of tea, visit the National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art for some art appreciation at 50% off its original price. Some of the best world-class exhibitions are held here from time to time so do check out their official website for the latest updates. 



Petite France

Source: Walk with Cham

Step into the quaint French village at Petite France that pays homage to the worldwide renowned novel, Le Petit Prince. You will be mesmerised by the flowers, charming shops and be treated to a French street performance experience here. Get 25% off when you flash your Korea Tour Card :)

With all these great deals, discounts and perks in store, what are you waiting for? Fly to Seoul with Asiana Airlines fr $648 (return) and redeem your complimentary Korea Tour Card today~ Don’t worry about exceeding your baggage allowance – book your trip by 31 August and get an additional 23kg baggage allowance for free :D


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