Travel Destinations For The 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

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Let Your Chinese Zodiac Decide Where To Go This Year

We are not going to tell your fortune but we will tell you where you should be visiting this year based on your Chinese Zodiac. In case you are not sure what’s yours, here’s a simple calculator to help you out.

And the best news? 8 random lucky destinations will go on sale according to the Chinese Zodiacs below so follow our page closely so you don’t miss out on any hot deals!

#1. Born in the Year of Dog, Tiger and Horse

These are the protectors. With their people-oriented personality, they want to make sure that their travel companions are having a good time - and this is probably why they wouldn’t mind spending weeks (or months!) to perfect that travel itinerary. 

Destinations with a great variety of activities are perfect for this group. Partly because they can find something for everyone and also because they get bored easily. Here are our suggestions:



There will never be a dull moment with its enormous shopping districts (some close after midnight), spectacular palaces with centuries of history and amazing food (especially if you love spicy food). Surrounded by picturesque high mountains and clear waters, it’s safe to say that people born in the Year of Dog, Tiger and Horse will fall in love with “Land of Morning Calm”.

Oh, and do you know that you’ll get better exchange rates in Myeongdong?

Fly to Seoul fr $339 →




You can’t really go wrong with Bangkok. An hour massage for less than $10, a plate of sticky mango rice at less than $2 and we all know you can easily change your entire wardrobe at a fraction of the price at the Platinum Fashion Wholesale Mall. 

Fret not if your travel buddies are looking for more upscale and comfortable shopping - they will be pleased with the EmQuartier luxury shopping mall on Sukhumvit!

Fly to Bangkok fr $122 →


#2. Born In The Year of Rabbit, Goat and Pig

I’m not sure about you but it’s pretty easy to spot people born in the year of Rabbit, Goat and Pig. These 3 signs belong to the ‘Diplomats’ group and are generally easy-going and sociable - you know you really messed up if you got any one of them angry!

In terms of holiday destinations, it’s no surprise that this low-profile group prefer the less crowded and relaxed places. Here are 2 cities that fit the bill:



Yes, their coffee is good (everyone should know this by now, no?) but do you know that Melbourne serves wicked Greek cuisine? That’s not all, do a simple Google search and you’ll realize that Melbourne is a food haven. 

Plus, travelling around central Melbourne (think Flinders Street and Victoria Market - just to name a few) is free and simple with the Free Tram Zone. Just hop on and off - free. 

Fly to Melbourne fr $386 →




Perhaps you have never considered Hanoi as a possible holiday destination but you really should. While the Hanoi city may be a little busy for this group of low-key Chinese Zodiacs, peaceful oasis are just a short or train ride away. Yes, we are referring to the beautiful Halong Bay and the breathtaking Sapa!

Piping hot bowls of authentic pho are just a big fat bonus. 

Fly to Hanoi fr $194 →


#3. Born in the Year of Dragon, Monkey, Rat

People born in the Year of Dragon, Monkey and Rat are the go-getters among the Chinese Zodiacs.They try to strike off as many items as they can on their itinerary and they wouldn’t mind sacrificing a little rest just to experience more of the foreign city.

Mention any of the two destinations below and we bet they would be excited!

Hong Kong 


Hong Kong may be a little fast-paced for some of us but people born in the Year of Dragon, Monkey and Rat adore it. Above all, the main reason why we keep returning to Hong Kong is for its food - glorious, glorious food. From its cha chaan teng to Michelin-star restaurants, you’ll look forward to every single meal.

If you have enough time, head over to Macau for its awesome Macanese cuisine or ShenZhen for its cheap shopping. After-all, they are just a short ferry or train ride away!  

Fly to Hong Kong fr $152→




Think unconventional fashion, delectable food everywhere, and tons of kawaii gifts and souvenirs! This highly urbanized city pulses with an energy like no other, and you’ll never be bored with the multitude of exciting things to see and do. The beauty of Tokyo is that the city also has an enormous amount of beautiful gardens and shrines should they need a peaceful respite from their hectic lives. People born in the Year of Dragon, Monkey and Rat are hard workers and this will be a much needed getaway.

Don’t forget to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market where fresh and delicious sashimi are waiting! P.S: The grilled Unagi (eel) are a must-try as well.

Fly to Tokyo fr $438 →


#4. Born in the Year of Snake, Ox and Rooster

Wise and eloquent, people born in the Year of Snake, Ox and Rooster are the thinkers. While some may be more private, a big part of them enjoy sharing their views with their loved ones.

The less well-known destinations are what pique their curiosity and here are two which will definitely pique theirs!

Ho Chi Minh 


Think crispy baguettes (it can be as cheap as $0.10 for one), stunning French colonial architecture and unforgettable coffee. It’s true when they say you have to trust that the throngs of motorists will not hit you when you cross the roads - without traffic lights. It’s nerve-wrecking but it gives us an immense satisfaction when we reach the other side of the road!

You don’t need a lot (of money) to enjoy this city either. Just bring an open mind and you’ll leave this charming city wanting more.

Fly to Ho Chi Minh fr $83 →




Bali is gaining popularity in recent years for its growing hipster cafes but it’s still very much underrated for its natural beauty. From the famed temples on sea rock and cliffs (imagine these against the backdrop of a sunset sky) to tranquil rice terraces, this place isn’t just for the beach bunnies.

People born under the sign of Snake, Ox and Rooster will also appreciate the warm hospitality of the locals. There may a slight language barrier but they will always try to make you feel welcomed and comfortable - and that’s what we love most about this lovely place.

Fly to Bali fr $126 →





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