8 travel goals that will change your life

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Be it relaxing in Maldives, going on a shopping spree in NYC, or visiting Antarctica, we all have places we dream about. When you travel, you expect something out of it. Experience, culture or skills. whether you might already have some travel goals, or are seeking something new, this guide will change your life.


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1. Keeping it simple


After hearing my friend’s testimonies, combined with my own, I have found that the simpler the travel goals, the more fun you’ll have. Melbourne is an amazing city and a travel goal for so many people already

For example, a planned trip to Melbourne. A fully planned out itinerary would include:
-Great Ocean road,
-Queen Victoria Market,
-Philip Island,
-Yarra Valley, etc.

With so much activities packed, you end up rushing from point A to B. How can you enjoy when you’re made to rush? Keeping it simple such as having 1 item a day or extending your trip would be a good way to start. That way, you wouldn’t have to drive over 2 hours from Melbourne City to the Great Ocean road, just to look at the 12 apostles for 10mins and rushing to the next attraction.

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2. A new experience


While we are already on the topic of Australia, nothing completes a travel goal more than experiencing something new. If you’ve never visited the Great Barrier Reef before, it is an amazing place to visit. 



The Great Barrier Reef is home to large array of life forms. From whales, to dolphins, sharks and fishes to some endangered species. There is no better place to learn how to snorkel and dive than at the Great Barrier Reef. Having a diving license can only be a good thing, from diving at the Great Barrier Reef, you would also get to dive in different parts of the world, from diving with Manta rays in Hawaii, Great Blue Hole in Belize to diving in Bali, the world’s best diving spot.

3. This can't wait anymore


Maldives, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Sure you’ve heard rave reviews from people who have been there but is it justifiable? Yes, it definitely is. An excellent location for a dream holiday, honeymoon or anyone who loves a laid back holiday by the beach. Maldives is definitely the go to vacation of a lifetime.


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With global warming causing sea levels to rise and pollution in the oceans, the future of Maldives seems bleak at best. Experts say that within 30 years, Maldives will no longer be there. Poof just gone. So stop procrastinating and visit this amazing place. You will have no regrets.

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4. Uncharted Territories



In an imaginary world, the ideal travel goal would be to visit every single country in the world. However back in reality, it’s rather difficult because of time and financial reasons, but there are some amazing few who have made a living by travelling! When I read about these people, I get really envious. It’s the perfect job for me, photography, scenery, touring the world and making money at the same time!


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An easier travel goal would be to visit every continent. You definitely still get bragging rights to share with your friends. A scratch map becomes super useful and motivates you to travel to places you haven’t! Try it, I assure you will get motivation to travel every time you look at it.

5. Going on a long road trip



Have you seen blogs about people who travel for months on end? Japan’s the perfect place for a long road trip. Every prefecture in Japan is so different that it almost seems like you are visiting multiple countries. The same ramen that we love, can taste significantly different in different parts of Japan.



The only downside to a long trip is expenses. Backpacking in Japan can be an efficient way to save money and enjoy everything. There aren’t enough words to describe how beautiful Japan is. In addition, the Japanese are so friendly and willing to give a hand anytime! You certainly would enjoy your trip backpacking or not.

My simple guide to backpacking in Japan: 

In case you do not know where to start, this is my basic guide I used when I did my trip to Japan:

Between prefectures, it is almost impossible to walk. Taking a train or hitchhiking are possibilities. To save more, get a rail pass for the duration of your trip. Getting the rail pass can save you money, while covering some key train rides and busses.

Stay in budget hostels or student accommodations, there are many affordable ones and you get to meet other travelers who might give you some tips and tricks!

Where to visit? It is close to impossible to visit the whole of Japan in 1 trip. These are the few prefectures that I recommend visiting for a first trip:

  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Nara
  • Mount Fuji
  • Osaka
  • Hokkaido
  • Hyogo

6. Enjoying a long train journey



Instead of walking, this time, you get to sit on a train and still see amazing sights that is unreachable by foot. Norway has amazing views, with natural glaciers, mountains and northern lights. What more reason do you need to travel there?

Even though the train journey is by no means fast, it is a good way to relax while still able to enjoy your journey. Photographers know best, trying to hike up any vantage point just to get that perfect photo.

7. Something dangerous but won't kill you

 Willing to challenge yourself with a travel goal? I promise you, with reasonable fitness, this won’t kill you but still a popular goal for many people.



Going slow is key. The Trek to the Mount Everest base camp technically isn’t difficult, compared to climbing the mountain. As long as you pace yourself, it should almost be a breeze to reach base camp. The only difficulty is navigating, there has been cases where people went missing and never found. Luckily this can be avoided by hiring a guide to lead the way. There are also perks! By hiring, you get to experience local culture. That’s something difficult to learn without a guide.


8. Gaining a new skill

While traveling, you want to capture everything you see. A picture speaks a thousand words but an amazing picture will leave you speechless. Mastering your photography skills can be easy, you don’t even need a pro DSLR to do so!



Pick an amazing country with lots to see, such as Italy. It’s hard to go wrong here, almost every picture that comes out is amazing. It’s a starting point, following what others have photographed. After being comfortable with your pictures, make them unique and truly yours.

To be frank, the only Italian I know is pizza, cheese and pasta. Italy is voted the most beautiful country to visit and it’s not difficult to see why. Italian is a difficult language to learn but the culture is so unique, something we don’t normally see in Singapore.



No matter where you visit, the goal is to enjoy and experience something new. Even if you’ve been to a country before, no 2 trips are the same. The only motivation you will need is a map and looking at where you can go. As long as you have the budget, you should visit anywhere you want to!

Achieve your dreams and goals!


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