Better be safe than sorry (8 things to do, and not to do)

Wednesday January 18, 2017 | by Jonathan Lee | In America, Asia, Australia / NZ, Europe

We all love travelling. However how well prepared we are, we still have moments of lapse in judgments when enjoying ourselves a tad too much. With Chinese New Year coming, those travelling should take extra precaution to protect themselves from unnecessary risks.

Our flash sale this week is specially targeted at the competitors family, Dragon, Monkey and Rat. Being the competitors family (me included), we are excited, competitive and determined to do everything on our bucket list. This is more reason for us to take a step back and think about what we are doing before actually doing anything!


 1. Backup Itinerary/ Personal Details

This is our number 1 rule. We carry our hard-copy itinerary and passport, but what if they get stolen? We always keep a soft copy of everything in an online drive so we can access it when we need to. Backing up your details will always be a good thing. If you ever get pickpocketed, all you have to do is go to the Embassy, and get temporary documents.

Paris, as we all know, is the City of Love. Visiting Paris is an unforgettable experience, good or bad, depends on your luck. Aside of the glamour and romance, Paris is also known as pickpocket city. There definitely are some risks, but by taking the right precautions, you can still enjoy everything Paris has to offer.

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2. Preventing theft

Theft can happen to anyone, all we need to is be there at the wrong time. There are steps you can take to minimize the risk.

  • Don’t wear excessive jewelry
  • Never leave valuables on tables
  • Leave valuables at the bottom of your bag
  • Don’t leave valuables / money in one place, spread them out.
  • Carry your bags in front, nothing in the back pocket
  • Don’t use short-cuts, and don’t travel alone unnecessarily


3. Take necessary vaccinations

There are certain health risks you might encounter overseas. In Manila or Philippines, there was an outbreak of Zika virus. Wait! That does not mean you shouldn’t visit or travel there!

Before travelling, there are many vaccinations you can take to immunise yourself, to be fit all trip long! The only downside is you need to take them weeks before to fully utilise the vaccinations.

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4. Tips or no tips

Some countries, tips are essential to the economy, such as the US. A general rule of thumb is to tip 10% minimum, but for good or excellent service, tipping 20% is quite common. Here are some services that requires tipping.

  • Restaurants (10-20%)
  • Hair Salons (10-20%)
  • Taxis (10%)

In restaurants, waiters are usually underpaid, and tips are expected from diners. The better the service, the higher the tips they deserve.

Los Angeles, being the frontrunner in hairstyle fashion, it is a norm to get a new makeover. Tipping, can be anywhere from 10% to 20%.

Not only are taxi fares expensive, they also require a 10% tip.

There are also some services that are optional for tipping. It wouldn’t hurt to tip, as i’m sure many of them are working part time to cover their tuition fees!

  • Coffee Retailers with tip jars ($2 /drink)
  • Gas Service staff ($5)

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5. Definitely no tips

It seems weird that even though service in Japan is usually outstanding, tips are usually not expected. In most cases, tips are actually turned down. But why?

Japan is very service oriented, and everywhere you go, you expect the best service. Prices are usually fixed, and waiters paid a standard rate. It saves the problem of thinking how much to tip.

Being the total opposite from US, tipping in Japan can be considered rude and disrespecting. In extreme cases you could get chased out of their restaurant!

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6. Knowing what to expect


In Sydney, temperatures range from 10 - 40 Degrees depending on which season you visit. Yes, that might sound insane (which it truly is), but mixed with dry and humid weather, it often gets unbearable.

Do check out the weather daily so ul be ready for whatever is thrown at u. Apps like Accuweather tells you the chance of rain, wind speed and most importantly “real feel temperature”. We often ask why does our app say its 26 but feels 30+? “Real feel temperature” is a close estimation of what it feels like!

Don’t get me wrong. Sydney is beautiful, with amazing architecture (Sydney Opera House, NSW Art Gallery). Most importantly, amazing steaks, lamb, fish and oysters! Could also be your first time trying kangaroo meat!

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7. When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Every country has different cultures to follow. In Guangzhou China, punctuality is important. Respecting others is an important part of Chinese culture. With enough respect, they would turn up 10-15 mins early. Especially when meeting someone older, they tend to have short temper and could get really angry for someone being late!

There are other customs to follow such as public displays of affection are frowned upon. Think it’s bad with Stomp? The Chinese have deep values which are long forgotten by us, which we have mixed western culture.

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There are many religions around the world, from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and many more. In Hong Kong, there are quite a few practicing religions. When visiting temples or churches, it is important to respect and follow rules (if no pictures are to be taken, don’t try your luck!).

It is also important to dress and act appropriately. Monks might pray and give you blessings which should be humbly accepted.

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8. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

You generally need more than an apple to keep the doctor away, especially when travelling overseas to a hot country like Ko Samui. With the intense sun and not much shade while enjoying some sea sports, here are a couple of things that should reduce your risks of falling ill during your holiday!

  • Immunise yourself, use clean towels to clean airplane tray tables, pockets, and toilet doors (they are super unhygienic) Click here to find out what is the Dirtiest things in the airplane
  • Hydrate yourself (bottled water is usually cleaned, tap water may contain germs your immune system isn’t used to)
  • Apply sunscreen (reduces the risks of skin cancer and a very painful holiday)
  • Don’t overeat (Yes, it’s a holiday and we want to try everything, but it increases risks of upsetting your tummy)
  • Don’t eat already opened food (opened fruits/food contains germs from the environment and make you more prone to being sick)
  • 6-8 hours of sleep (sleep is essential for the body to work, without enough rest, your body breaks down)

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These are 10 things that you should or should not do when going on a vacation. Click the link below to check out more about our flash sale.

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