6 Locations not to overlook when planning your 2017 Holiday

Thursday January 12, 2017 | by Jonathan Lee | In America, Asia, Australia / NZ, Europe

We all love a good vacation once in awhile. To relax, eat good food or go on a shopping spree, we all have something we look to when booking a vacation. I think we can all agree we want a good vacation.

Rather than defaulting back to the go-to locations like Bangkok or Hong Kong, consider these 6 places. You never know, these might be your new favorite holiday spots!


New York City


No surprise, this is the first on the list. But why?  Pretty sure you've heard the term, #thecitythatneversleeps. Yeap, the only place in the world where trains run all day and all night long. A flight to New York might be expensive, but it's totally worth it.  With uber cheap shopping at Woodbury's and bloomingdales (discounts go to more than 60%), it becomes super hard to say no to your favourite brands!

Source: Timeout


Shopping might be a haven in NYC, but she is a true love to foodies. Whatever your cravings are, it will definitely be satisfied. From Classic Steakhouses to Michellin-Starred Japanese bars, NYC has everything for you.

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Queenstown new zealand


Queenstown is a hot destination to visit in New Zealand. Wait but why? Im sure you know the Japanese are friendly, but New-Zealanders aren’t far off (unless it’s about some friendly rivalry banter against Australia).

There are tons to do and eat in New Zealand, you could have steak every day for your trip and not break a sweat in your wallet. Blessed with amazing landscapes, mountains and waterfalls, there are plenty to do all year round. Adrenaline junkies will definitely love it, from skydiving, skiing, snowboarding to bungy jumping. I think i'm in love!

Source: Backpackerguide


The must see thing at New Zealand is the Aurora Australis. A free light show, and something you will never see in Singapore.

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I don't think theres anything more instagrammable (if there's such a word), than Niagara Falls. The horseshoe bend is one of the prettiest waterfalls, if not the prettiest. If you are visiting from the Canada side, there are some pros too! Less touristy, less crowded and the same amount of awesomeness.

Be sure to visit Toronto while you are already there! From the CN Tower, to a hockey game, there are plenty for you to see and do in Canada.


How about a night view of the falls with lights. It doesn't get any better than this. 

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Maldives is not just for the rich. Fun fact, did you know there are flights to Maldives under $500! Seriously no joke. Maldives is a trip of a lifetime. Beautiful beaches, exquisite resorts and amazing restaurants. It doesn’t get any better than this.

There are plenty for you to do at Maldives, from surfing to snorkelling and just relaxing at the beach, you never want to leave this haven, especially after pampering yourself with a full body massage.

Source: Conrad 

Want something fanciful? Try a meal at one of the underwater restaurants and dine with the fishes.

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Giza Egypt


The only wonder of the ancient world that is still standing. The pyramids of Giza are definitely worth a visit as they have stood the test of time, dating back to 2,560 BC.

The technology used in building the pyramids, cannot be replicated today even with our advanced technologies! Can you imagine how they built the pyramids with no machines yet to such precision? I can't, all I can do is stare at amazement.

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When you think of South Korea, the first thought that comes to mind is Seoul. But there is so much more to South Korea. Busan is one of the most underrated places and you should definitely visit.

Busan has the largest fish market in Korea. Visit Jagalchi Fish Market to find the freshest fish and try some live squid! Yums.

Do you know where the largest Department store in the world is? Busan! Mind-Blown. Take it from us, you will get lost if you don’t map out your way. Why bother to shop in Myeong-Dong when this place has everything you can dream of!

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Consider these places before booking your flights to Bangkok or Hong Kong, you never know, these places might be your next favourite holiday to bring your loved ones!

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