4 Cities in Europe to celebrate this Valentine's Day..

Thursday February 9, 2017 | by Jonathan Lee | In Europe

Romance is something very personal and could mean something different to everyone. This Valentine's Day, cupid’s arrows points to romantic holidays to spend time with loved ones . Forget roses and boring movies this valentine's day. Surprise your other half with a trip to Europe because it may actually cost you less than a branded handbag.

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     1. Helsinki - Fly fr $878 for 2!

Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland. With a vibrant atmosphere, seascape views and green cities, it’s an amazing place to go for Valentine’s Day.

Every trip starts and ends with a good night’s rest. Comfort and location plays a part in choosing your accommodation. The nearer it is to where you want to go, the more likely you are to choose that accommodation.

With an active nightlife in Helsinki, you don’t want to miss out on Finnish Bars. Staying near the city centre is good as transport is convenient, though slightly more expensive. Fr $156, Crowne Plaza offers a spectacular price, conveniently located with easy access to anywhere in the city.  

Source: Arcticsnow Hotel

We all want to impress on this special day, pulling out all the stops to make the night as amazing as we can. However if your location is amazing, it does all the work for you. Show up and your date will already be impressed.

Source: Qiuuing

Book a dinner at Arctic Snow and get a free tour of the construction, operations and features of the SnowHotel. After dinner, get your chance to order a drink in the ice bar, with a glass made from ice!

Source: Buzzfaze

If that’s not your cup of tea, but want some fun-filled activities, Serena Waterpark is perfect for you. Serena WaterPark is scandinavia's largest indoor waterpark. Perfect for all age groups. Serena is also home to the most well-known ski track in Helsinki. With winter winding down, it’s the best time to learn how to ski!

Source: Tombibjorck

Nothing completes a day without a good meal. Gaijin, in japanese means outsider. Bringing you a trip outside to Asia. With a unique twist of traditional Japanese, mixed with korean and chinese influence, the result is simply awesome.

Source: Erinomaisuutta

Japanese food is simple, yet filled with umami flavor. Craftsmanship is real and takes years to master. At Gaijin, the focus is authentic flavors. But why this restaurant? The interior is darker, with decor made from Finnish wood. This gives a warm and intimate feeling, providing an excellent atmosphere for anyone dining here.

    2. London - Fly fr $1016 fr 2!

London is a leading global city, and one of the world’s leading financial sector. With just a simple search online, London is rated the most expensive city to live and work. Yet, there are plenty of affordable yet romantic things to do this Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

Crowne Plaza London Ealing, a 4 star hotel from under SGD $100 a night is already considered a win. With a 15 minute travel time to city center, this hotel is already calling out to me for it’s convenience.

Romance might not be the first thing that comes to mind in London. We think these few places will change your mind.

Source: Skyfall

Harry Potter, Fast and Furious, Pirates of the Caribbean and many more, these movies have featured London in some ways or another. We all grew up loving these films. Here are some of the locations you could recreate your favourite memories:

  1. Kings Cross Platform 4 and 5 (Harry Potter)
  2. Greenwich (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  3. Big Ben (The Da Vinci Code, Skyfall)
  4. Tower Bridge (Fast and Furious)
  5. Trafalgar Square (Edge of Tomorrow)

Ready to pop the question? These place will be sure to blow your mind.

Source: VisitLondon

At London Sealife Aquarium, they have a special wedding proposal package. With a personalised message of your choice,divers hold the sign in the Ocean display, how can anyone possibly say no.

Source: BBC

The London Eye is also holding a special event. Soak up the skyline with a glass of complimentary Champagne, or to take it all the way, book a private capsule for 2. You will get a bottle of Champagne, a box of chocolates and a host to show you everything you need to know about London. A nice place to pop the question is right at the top, when overlooking the entire city!

Source: TimeOut

With a whopping 64 restaurants holding at least a Michelin star restaurant in London, choosing the right place can be difficult. Our personal pick is the Glasshouse. Every restaurant has it’s own feel. At Glasshouse, decor is vibrant and modern, ensuring you feel right at home. With a relaxed atmosphere and friendly waiters, it’s a place you won’t regret.

Source: Glasshouse

Even though it’s a 1 Michelin restaurant, prices are reasonable. Food quality is no slouch either. From tantalizing starters, to hearty mains and a sweet dessert to end your meal.

     3. Paris - Fly fr $839 for 2!

Paris, also known as the City of Love is already an amazing place to visit. Being France’s capital, is home to amazing landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Louvre and more!

Sometimes you want something more than just comfort and convenience. You think to yourself, what more could a hotel offer? More amenities? You get lucky and booked a room with a stunning view. This is exactly what Citadines is offering, the entire package.

Splurging on every meal just seems ridiculous, especially when Paris isn’t considered a cheap destination. This accommodation, also provides a kitchenette for you to do all your cooking right in your room.

Source: Paris Perfect

One of the most romantic things to do is definitely sitting on a cruise in the City of Love, Paris. The absolute best way to see most of Paris’s famous landmarks while enjoying a good meal with your loved ones. Below SGD $100, you get to enjoy a 1 Hour 15 Mins cruise ride, along with 3 course meal and a glass of champagne. Definitely worth every penny.

Source: Laplumedulittre

How about a tour on vehicle? With all vehicles being convertible 2CV’s, and having large choice of colors, choosing a vehicle can be difficult. Along with the tour, you get a personal chauffeur, you and your date will definitely enjoy your day out. For 3 Hours, you will get to see 36 iconic Paris’s monuments. Chauffeurs pick you up directly from your hotel and drop you off at your hotel.

Source: Arts-forains

Retro is the new in. Definitely true with this classic fan fare museum which hosts more than 250,000 people annually. With classic fun fair rides to theatre performances, this place is sure to bring joy and love to anyone.

Source: PaulChene

      4. Amsterdam - Fly fr $816 for 2!

Did you know, in 2012 Amsterdam was rated second best city to live? With famous residents including Anne Frank, Van Gogh it's not surprising Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, having more than 4 million international tourists annually!

Mercure Amsterdam is excellent value for money, extremely helpful staff who will go all out trying to provide for guests. With it’s location being 2 minutes away from the train station and 10 minutes away from the airport, convenience is superb.


Source: Coster Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. At Coster Diamonds, they have a free guided tour for anyone. Showcasing their selections, cutting, polishing, explaining diamond valuation while looking at how pretty diamonds can get (You might end up going home few thousand dollars poorer), but you will have a very happy lady.

Source: Heineken Experience

Museums are no longer the same old boring things we just walk past. New age museums are more fun that you actually think.

  • Van Gough Museum
  • Anne Frank House
  • Rijkmuseum
  • Heineken Museum
  • Louvre Museum


Source: Pendergast

We love barbequed food, especially stingrays. Although it is highly unlikely to enjoy a plate of sambal stingray, there are ribs, brisket and sliders for you to enjoy.

Source: Amsterdamfoodie

Although not the most romantic or elegant food to eat on a date, this is one of the best smokehouse in Amsterdam and definitely a must go!

Convinced? Book your tickets to these wonderful Europe destinations by 28 Feb 2017 to enjoy the irresistible fares from Finnair. 

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