7 places to see Cherry Blossoms other than Japan

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Cherry Blossoms is considered Japan’s unofficial national flower. It is so prominent in Japanese culture that it is even used in culinary. These days, you don't have to fly all the way to Japan to catch some Cherry Blossoms as they are already widely spread around the world.

Everything becomes prettier when Cherry Blossoms are in full blooms! Here are some countries you might or might not know that has Cherry Blossoms.



#South Korea

Source: Hill Now, Tim Regan

South Korea usually is the best bet to catch some Cherry Blossoms if you want to avoid Japan for some reason.

Cherry Blossoms aren’t just pretty, but carry significant meaning to the Japanese. Although the flower has no meaning in Korea, it is still pretty nonetheless. We assume this is the prettiest and most enjoyable way to run a marathon!

There are also other places to consider for when attempting to catch some Cherry Blossoms.

  • Yeouido
  • Seokchon Lake
  • Jinhae Gunhangje

As the Cherry Blossoms has no fixed blooming dates, every City and every Country has their own expected date. In South Korea, it is best to visit anywhere from 20 March to Mid April.

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Source: TimeOut

In the long debate of where Cherry Blossoms first originated, there has been claims that the Cherry Blossoms were originated not in Korea or Japan, but in China. Who would have guessed?

Gucun Park is a prime spot for tourists to see some Cherry Blossoms. The park, covers more than 53 Hectares, with over 60 different varieties of Cherry Blossoms totaling to over 12,000 trees!

Gucun Park holds it’s annual Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival from mid March to mid April. Last year, on the first weekend of the festival, nearly 230,000 visitors were seen at the park. It only shows how popular the Cherry Blossoms are! Here are some other places that will have Cherry Blossoms for you to see:

  • Tongji University
  • Shanghai Botanical Gardens
  • Chenshan Botanical Gardens
  • Nanhui

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Alishan is probably the first place you’ll consider to view Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan. Famed for its forest railway, millions of tourists and locals visit each year. Alishan is home to over 19,000 Cherry trees, with 18,000 of them being Yoshino Cherry Blossoms. Yoshino Cherry are the trees with pink flowers that we all love.

Due to Alishan’s popularity, authorities has limited admissions to about 16,000 per day during the peak of the season. To avoid disappointment, book your stay early! Click here to search for hotel stay in Taiwan. This year, the festival will start from March 10 to April 10. There are other places to consider if you just cant get enough of Cherry Blossoms:

  • Yangmingshan
  • Wuling
  • Tamsui
  • Sun Moon Lake

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Source: Wikipedia, Matthew G. Bisanz

With Washington DC’s National Cherry Blossom Festival held during March 20 - April 16, there are plenty to see. Cherry trees aren’t just located in Asia, but are located worldwide. In order to strengthen relations, Japan gave some trees and Washington DC became prettier than ever.

With the peak of blooming around 25 March, there are a lot to see and do around Washington. The parade this year, will include a kite festival, parade and fireworks. It really is a festival you cannot miss!

Even if you can’t make it to see the blooms, National Park Service has set up a Bloom Cam for everyone to see the spectacular sight along famous monuments.

If you are in America but somehow can’t make it to Washington, here are a few alternatives:

  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York(Most diverse Collection outside of Japan)
  • Tom McCall Waterfront Park Portland, Oregon

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Source: TheCultureConcept

Australia has some stunning landscapes and architecture. But do they have Cherry Blossoms? Well, yes. In New South Wales, Cowra Japanese Garden. The gardens was built as a symbol to mend relations after the second world war.

The Garden is built by a Japanese Architect Ken Nakajima, who based the design on various elements: Mountain, Rock, Waterfalls, Lakes, Rivers, Oceans and Pine trees. Walking the 3 kilometre pathway is as if walking through Japan. Bringing greater appreciation to the Gardens and Japan.

Cherry trees are incredibly hard to grow, requiring a colder climate. Australia being on the other side of the world, has its peak of blooming around September. During this period, Cowra Gardens has their own Cherry Blossom Festival which has cultural activities, performances and stalls selling traditional Japanese goodies.

Like everywhere else, the celebration of Cherry Blossoms come with a Festival. Sydney’s Cherry Blossom Festival is next in line.

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Source: Sequin and Cherry Blossom

There is always something greener on the other side. Or pink with Cherry Blossoms blooming. Cherry trees are extremely weather dependent, too cold or too hot and they will not bloom. However, the expected blooming peak is mid April til May. With Global warming causing UK to be warmer, flowers are blooming more than ever. Here are some locations recommended by our gardener friends:

  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
  • Batsford Arboretum, Gloucestershire
  • Keele University, Keele
  • Regents Park, London
  • Greenwich Park, London
  • Tatton Park, Cheshire

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Source: Deutsche Welle

Bonn’s cherry trees are especially spectacular. They grow all over the streets which is open to view for anyone. If you love photography as much as us, you would definitely have seen photos of this street before! Once the flowers bloom, the whole street is transformed into this pink magical world.

Words just doesn’t give this place enough justice. With the peak of bloom in April, you definitely have to book your tickets fast!

Japan has shared their national treasure with the world so we can see them without having to fly there. Below are some alternatives to satisfy your Cherry Blossom cravings:

  • Chinese Garden, Stuttgart
  • Kirschblutenfest, Hamburg

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Finally, Japan. The one place we all associate the Cherry Blossoms with. You can’t go wrong when trying to catch some Cherry Blossoms. Click here to see an estimate of the bloom periods so you can plan a trip around it!

With almost every region blooming, it becomes difficult to pick the best one to visit. There is one however, that really stands out. Chidorigafuchi Ryokudo Walkway, located in Tokyo is one of the best spots to view Cherry Blossoms.

But why? Along a 700 meter stretch, lies around 300 cherry trees. It’s not a lot but being able to rent a boat gives you an exceptional view of the pink blossoms. At night, the trees are lit giving it a phenomenal landscape view. There are endless possibilities to view Cherry trees in Japan, here are some of our top picks:

  • Mount Yoshino, Nara
  • Hirosaki Park, Hirosaki
  • Ueno Park, Ueno
  • Meguro River, Tokyo
  • Shukkei-en Garden, Hiroshima

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Cherry Blossoms are pretty yet delicate. Don't miss your chance and book your holiday now! Cherry Blossoms or not, these are some amazing places to visit. Check out our on-going promotions so you don't miss out anything!

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