How to get the most out of your Singapore Airlines Ticket

Tuesday September 6, 2016 | by Daniel Goh

Growing up, every Singaporean learns how grand Singapore Airlines is. World renowned service, both on ground and in the air, updated inflight entertainment, even the departure gates in the airport require less walking distance. Your friends will tell you how lucky you are to fly on SQ, and it truly is a luxury that not everyone gets to experience.

Here’s the good news: In this week’s Flash Sale, all SQ flights are heavily on sale. Read on to find out which destinations will help you to maximise your experience on this world-class airline.

1. Melbourne

Singapore Airlines flies 8 hours direct to Melbourne and their ticket price includes 30kg checked baggage. Compared to the prices that Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs) offer, it’s only slightly more expensive. This is because after adding the cost of checked baggage and meals on LCCs, their ticket prices become significantly higher. The prices of LCCs shown below do not include baggage and food.

Even when other airline prices are cheaper, they do not fly direct, bringing the total flight duration up from 8 hours to almost 20 hours. So it really makes you wonder if the long transfers are worth scrimping on. It makes much more financial sense to pay slightly more for guaranteed seat comfort, food and entertainment.

Which airline would you rather fly with on an 8-hour flight to Melbourne?

Book flights to Melbourne from $613 →


2. Bangkok

Bangkok is the perfect shopping destination and Singapore Airlines provides enough checked baggage allowance to make sure that no matter how much you shop, bringing your haul back will not be a problem. Jetstar and Tigerair ticket prices shown below do not include checked baggage.

For the two hours during your flight to Bangkok, you can watch an action blockbuster movie with a cup of hot milo in one hand and a bag of peanuts in the other. Supporting your neck is a Singapore Airlines pillow and your blanket keeps you snug and warm. Some things really are worth paying more for.

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3. Hong Kong

The land of food, dimsum and shopping is also a great place to fly via Singapore Airlines. The same concept applies - if the prices of LCCs and Singapore Airlines comes up to about the same, why not take the one that provides more?

Fancy a Singapore Airlines flight to Hong Kong? Book now with this week’s Flash Sale and enjoy discounts on all Singapore Airlines flights!

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4. Tokyo

And now, the best place that you can maximise our Singapore Airlines Flash Sale with: Tokyo, Japan. With return flights starting from $628 on Singapore Airlines, including tax, this is one great deal. Japan sells itself as a holiday destination, with good food, good weather and more. Need we elaborate?

Prices can be more affordable than LCCs and numerous Full-Cost Carriers, depending on the date of travel. Book your flight now and enjoy the quality service of Singapore Airlines to start of your next holiday!

Book flights to Tokyo from $628 →


Yet even after everything has been said, the best part about travelling with Singapore Airlines has got to be the feel of Singapore. After a long fulfilling time away, nothing hits home more than when the captain announces, “To all Singaporeans, a warm welcome home”.

Right in the feels.

Book your next flight on Singapore Airlines and fly through the skies in comfort. With the discounts in this week’s flash sale, booking SQ tickets are now extremely affordable! Book before the sale ends tomorrow night.


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