5 Reasons Why Ho Chi Minh City is the New Bangkok.

Wednesday September 21, 2016 | by Daniel Goh | In Asia

Ready to find out why Ho Chi Minh City is the new Bangkok? Here we go:

Reason 1: Ho Chi Minh is way cheaper

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If you’ve been to the Thai capital recently, you might feel like things are starting to get more expensive. Fact is that Bangkok in the midst of commercialisation and prices are rising. On the flipside, Ho Chi Minh City is pretty cheap right now - you could get a bowl of Pho for $1 or get on a 10 minute cab ride for $3!

Staying in quality hotels is also extremely cheap. A 3-night stay at the Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon, a 5-star hotel with over 712 positive reviews on TripAdvisor only costs $133/night, including tax! It doesn’t cost much to live like royalty on your holiday.

Point is, your SGDs get you more in Vietnam than they do in Thailand so shoppers and gluttons rejoice!


Reason 2: Viet food is the Best food!

Are you ready for some Phở-nomenal food on your next trip? Well fly straight to Ho Chi Minh City and Viet-nom your way through the city! That may have been a bad attempt at a joke but Vietnamese food is seriously good.

A good bowl of Phở, the most famous Vietnamese dish, tastes just like a home-cooked meal. The light yet rich soup stock is infused with authentic flavours with nothing too fancy; perfect down to the last drop.

The combination of tastes in a freshly toasted Bánh mì sandwich is arguably one of the most delicious street foods anywhere. Perfectly marinated meat paired with juicy pickled fresh vegetables and creamy butter, all wrapped in a sturdy Vietnamese baguette. Yours for only for $2!

And if fine dining is more your thing, fret not. A 3-course dinner without alcoholic drinks costs only $30+ per person. Ho Chi Minh City is also home to many hipster looking cafes and bars for your holiday leisure, perfect for a rest in the day or a drink at night.


Reason 3: Ho Chi Minh City is a growing shopping paradise

Now that you’ve got more Vietnamese Dong than you can spend, it’s time to go shopping!

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Ho Chi Minh’s shopping scene is famous for Ben Tanh market a massive wholesale markets selling everything under the sun. Here you’ll be able to find any kind of souvenir from Vietnam, and there’s even a dried goods section where you can buy dried fruits, coffee powder, snacks and fruits to bring back.

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Saigon Square is another must-see shopping destination, selling goods from big brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Zara and Forever 21.

If you liked the shopping in Bangkok, you’re going to love shopping in Ho Chi Minh!


Reason 4: Vietnamese iced coffee

After hours of shopping and eating, a coffee break is perfect for resting your tired legs. In fact, Vietnamese iced coffee is so good it’s an entire reason why Ho Chi Minh is the next Bangkok. Seriously, whatever you drink after this will pale so far in comparison to Vietnamese iced coffee that it will be quite depressing.

Vietnamese coffee has such a distinctive taste because they use the Robusta coffee bean. The method of preparation and type of milk used also contributes to the unique taste in the blend. In case you didn’t know, the usual coffee bean is the Arabica bean, the main type exported by Brazil, the world's largest exporter of coffee. So when you drink Vietnamese coffee, taste the difference in every sip!

Now that you’ve ate, shopped and drank, its time to sightsee!


Reason 5: Sights with French influence

Since the French had occupied Vietnam in the past, the country has retained much French influence. This is seen especially in beautiful Vietnamese architecture and the sights around Ho Chi Minh City. These can especially be seen at the following places:

Notre-Dame Basilica

Central Post Office

Ho Chi Minh City Municipal Theatre

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