5 mesmerizing destinations for a picture perfect wedding shoot

Wednesday May 4, 2016 | by ZUJI | In Asia, Australia / NZ

With a fierce determination to make the biggest day of your life perfect, many are flying outside of Singapore for a combination of a much needed getaway and an opportunity for a wedding photoshoot of a lifetime. ZUJI knows that planning a wedding can be both stressful and exhilarating at the same time, which is why we’ve saved you the hassle of searching and picked out five destinations so perfect for a wedding shoot, you’d feel like they were straight out of postcards.  

1. Taipei, Taiwan

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Boasting some of the most picturesque landscapes in Asia with vibrant landscapes, pristine coasts and cherry blossoms in spring is the ever beautiful Taiwan. Wallet friendly and only a seven hour plane ride away, it is known to be one of the hottest pre-wedding photography spots.

Start your journey with a drive out to Yang Ming Shan, an area known for its mini walking trails and evergreen gardens. Mid spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit, with inviting temperatures and clear cloudless skies. You'll be amazed by how the lush canopy of trees blends in the background and allows just the right amount of rays to filter through creating a natural effect on your pictures.

For the lovebirds who appreciate some greenery and breathtaking views in their shots, Hu Wei is undoubtedly a clear winner. It is a historical fort located on a mountain near the Tamsui district and one of the hottest spots for a wedding shoot in Taiwan. Just a tip - A photoshoot takes up many hours and it might be awhile before your next meal. Don’t forget to pack delicious Taiwanese lunch boxes along so you don’t have to hear your tummy growl with a plastered smile on your face.


2. Seoul, South Korea

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Dubbed the current Asian city of love, many lovebirds are now flocking to Korea for a chance to create their own K-drama in pixels. Samcheong-dong will make a great start to the trip as you capture memories wandering through the different alleyways filled with coffee shops and numerous small art galleries. The Cheonggyecheon stream is another favourite landmark to cosy up in warm sweaters and capture shots while you walk together hand in hand. If you didn’t already know, it was previously an elevated highway and is a scene often seen in many K-dramas.

Korea’s nature is bountiful and plenty through the year at Jeju Island - another hit for wedding shoots. Get your pick of sun, sand and sea and be captivated by the scenic view at Seopjikoji known for its vast field of rapeseed flowers. If you’re looking to brighten up your photos with an array of colours, be sure to plan a trip between the months of May and September to capture the flowers bloom in its full glory.

Finally for a trip to remember, dress yourself in a Hanbok (traditional Korean costume) – because why not go all out with traditional K wedding shoot? Head down to Yeouido, a quaint suburb that offers a great photography setting for a traditional shoot bringing with it an old and rustic charm. If your idea of a fairytale is winter sonata, it’s time to start looking at flights to this gorgeous city.


3.  Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand
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Hold your breath because in New Zealand, you’re in for an adventure. Known for its beautiful mountains, lakes, and terrains, New Zealand is also a beauty in the dark of the night. Be prepared to be spell bound as you capture memories under billions of stars scattered across the skies of Lake Tekapo, it is also a picture perfect spot come daylight for precious shots of you laying in wild flowers or whispering sweet nothings under the old oak trees. The terrains tend to get wet and slippery at times, so don’t forget to bring along your hiking boots!

It is also no surprise that hundreds of couples flock down south once a year during a beautiful occurring phenomenon – The southern lights otherwise known as the Auroras (whimsical lights caused by fast moving electrons striking in the Earth's upper atmosphere). The best time of the year though would be in winter during the months of June to August. For the wild and adventurous, it’s time to pack some warm coats because spotting an aurora is never easy. Many take hours or even days to chase them down just for the perfect shot at Mount Cook.

Not only is New Zealand untainted by light pollution, its isolation and flat plains in the country provides a beautiful clear sky that offers unparalleled shots of you and the southern lights in the background. Fall deeper in love under the dreamy skies of New Zealand and take home with you a memorable pre-wedding journey.


4. Hokkaido, Japan

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Start packing your winter coats because we’re whisking you away to the coldest island in Japan – Hokkaido. Winter in Hokkaido is not only famed for its seafood but also its negative degree temperatures and snow! This winter wonderland is undoubtedly the top choice for many lovebirds looking for a pre-wedding shot in cosy sweaters and nights by the fireplace.

Raw emotions are captured as you guide each other hand in hand in the ice skating ring, or share a cup of hot chocolate at the Shimukappu Winter Village. There you will also find the Ice Chapel, a church specially crafted out of ice blocks that only lasts a month during the season - prefect for couples that are up for an impromptu wedding ceremony.

When the sun rises, be sure to make your way to Yotei, where the famous and majestic Mount Yotei acts as your backdrop. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to capture your kisses under falling snowflakes, while you stand in a vast field of snow. Hokkaido might be cold, but you’ll be sure to keep your hearts warm during the trip.

5. Bali, Indonesia

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If trekking through picturesque rice fields and ancient temples is your thing, Bali is the perfect destination for you.  For fun and unique elements to add in your photos, rent a rowboat (For just SGD $30) and capture the island’s rich culture and ancient traditions, as you paddle down Lake Tamblingan. Gaze in awe at the diversity of life in Bali, passing by temples like Gubug – You’ll be so amazed by the beauty of your surroundings you’d forgot you were in the process of a photoshoot.   

For the fearless at heart, explore the rock formations located 197 steps midway down to Kubu Beach. Hold each other close and tight as your photographer captures your love for each other, in the midst of angry waves crashing upon the rocks around you.

Take our word for it when we say you wouldn’t want to leave without a trip to Tukad Unda - a dam left behind by the Dutch during their colonisation of Bali. This is the perfect place to enjoy each other’s company and capture a special moment because there’s no one else you’d rather be here with at this point in time. Bali will surely captivate you and take your breath away.


They say a picture speaks a thousand words, let these beautiful destinations draw out laughter, tears and joy. Capture that sweet smile or kiss under the stars, get cosy in matching jumpers and find yourself lost in the moment in each other’s arm, for this moment is one you’ll cherish forever. Start your pre-wedding journey with ZUJI, and find amazing prices at their Hot Deals page.

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