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Tuesday March 15, 2016 | by ZUJI

Music has a unique way of weaving its spell around our hearts and is often an expression of our emotions. Some tracks grow to be the soundtrack of our lives and quite often set the tone to situations and places that we’re at – whether it’s on a bus or a plane, in the car, or even while we walk down the streets.

Regardless of whether it’s a three-hour road trip or an eight-hour flight, you will definitely need some tunes to take your vacation to the next level. ZUJI Singapore has curated several playlists to set the tone for your next vacation. From road trips, to that romantic getaway with your loved one, a laidback beach affair, or even just an escape with your girlfriends or homies, we’ve got you covered.


1. Roll my windows down and cruise on a roadtrip

Hai Van Pass


Summer drives down long winding roads, car games, rolling your windows to feel the breeze run through your hair, and singing in the car along to your all-time favourites – those are what road trips are made of. To kick-start your engines and get you on your musical journey on the road, tune in to Spotify’s Roadtrip with Friends playlist. Sing at the top of your lungs to these catchy upbeat tunes, so grab your keys and turn the volume up! Road trippin’, here we go!

Suggested destinations: New Zealand, Melbourne, Vietnam

New Zealand’s South Island routes are gorgeous, with windswept beaches, majestic glaciers, and divine mountain lakes to boot. Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road is another head-turner – a scenic drive along cliff tops, sandy white beaches, and lush greenery. Stop at the lookouts for picture perfect memories and watch out for wild koalas and other wildlife along the way. If you’re looking to keep it a little closer to home, Vietnam’s Hai Van Pass is the way to go. Crossing the Truong Son mountain range, this mountainous road provides you with breath-taking views of coastal shorelines and even several historical ruins along the way like the My Son sanctuary. 



2. It's a magical romantic affair when you're in the mood for love

Fotolia 84295837 Subscription Monthly M


One of the best feelings in the world is being in love, and jetting off on a trip together could make things more magical. Exploring a new foreign destination can be fun – learn the city’s culture and language, and in turn, share special moments with him/her and deepen the bond. It’s always fun to learn new things and grow with your significant other as you do. For all the love birds out there, plug into Spotify’s Falling In Love playlist, where words and melodies can sometimes hit the spot for things you just can’t describe.

Suggested destinations: Rome, Tokyo, London

Breathe in the romantic air of Rome, with its rich history and ancient beauty at every street corner. From lovely monuments to delicious Italian cuisine, stroll through sprawling piazzas as you share a gelato. Tokyo is a gem of choices from its modern bustling city life, to private hot spring baths set against mountainous backdrops, to even quaint rural villages, beautiful cherry blossoms, and majestic temples. For a touch of English charm, London is the city to be in. Get lost in the museums, enjoy a touch of world-class shopping at Oxford Street, or catch a play at the theatre. Don’t forget to stop by the palaces, you may see royalties if you’re lucky!



3. Sun-kissed and sand ready for that beach getaway

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There’s nothing quite like kicking back on the beach towel with the salty ocean breeze and sun shining down as you sip on a refreshing drink. Soothe your soul as you look at the waves splash against the shore, or just curl up with a book to read. Relax with Spotify’s Beach Vibes playlist, guaranteed to put you in a tranquil chill mood as you soak up the sun at your beachy getaway.

Suggested destinations: Maldives, Bali, Koh Samui

Laze along the sandy pristine beaches of Maldives, Bali, and Koh Samui, and work on that golden tan. Check out Maldives’ pristine blue lagoons and snorkel in its extensive reefs. With over 26 coral atolls, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Bali’s spiritual and calm ambience provides the perfect escape for those after some quiet reflection. You can even visit Pura Tanah Lot, an ancient shrine perched on a large rock by the beach and admire its beauty. Koh Samui is a beach and nature lover’s paradise, with limestone cliffs and hidden lagoons. Island hop around and stake your beach towel claim on each beach you get to! 



4. Girls just wanna have fun – girly escape, here we come!

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We all get a little busy sometimes, but getting to spend some quality time with the girls is the best. Catching up on things you’ve missed, shopping, spa treatments, a wild party weekend, lounging by the pool, and did we mention shopping? Paint the town red as you jam to Spotify’s Girls’ Night playlist and sing to your heart’s content! We all know that a true girlfriend will not judge you no matter how off-key you may be. 

Suggested destinations: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Paris

From Bangkok’s cheap pampering massages and nail salons to cheap shopping bargains, what’s not to love? Go crazy at the markets as you haggle for the best prices and kick back at night with drinks at some of the rooftop bars in town amidst the busy chaos in the Thai city. Hong Kong is a one-stop foodie and shopaholic’s dream so grab your girls and feast your way through the night markets and countless shopping malls filled with the latest fashion trends. Rest your feet at night and cruise along the Victoria Harbour to admire the cityscape and night lights. Last but not least, who can forget Paris? Immerse in the city’s culture and have a laugh and catch up at one of the many quaint patisseries. Explore the Parisian streets and check out the art sights – don’t forget to snap as many selfies and group shots!



5. Bros before anything, trips with the homies anyone?

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Be it for a crazy bachelor party or just a fun memorable weekend with the boys, a boys’ getaway is always a great idea for some down time with your homies. Bond with your buds and catch up over ice-cold beers, relax by the pool and talk about sports, or just check out the girls that pass by. Whatever it is, Spotify’s The Bachelor Party playlist will set the tone for that ultimate guys’ vacation. 

Suggested destinations: Phuket, Seoul, Taipei

Phuket is an awesome spot to hang out – rent bikes and tour around the city or coastal highways. Go crazy in the water with a myriad of water sport options or even checkout a Muay Thai match for an action-packed night. Bar-hop around Phuket Town and revel in the cheap beers and great company! Seoul and Taipei are the destinations for nightlife for a night out or two. Explore the bustling streets and alleys and pop into the bars for a quick drink. If you’re feeling peckish, the night markets will be able to hit the spots in a jiffy. Let’s not forget that these two cities are also known for having a bevy of beautiful girls, so go crazy, guys!


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