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Wednesday May 4, 2016 | by ZUJI | In Asia

1) Visit Shwedagon Pagoda (aka Bird Shit Heaven)

On the first day of the trip, head on over to Shwedagon Pagoda which really represents the heart of Yangon. Just right outside the pagoda were some pigeons trapped in cages.

2) Relax At Ngapali Beach (aka Home of the Beethovens)

On the second day, take a one-hour domestic flight from Yangon to Ngapali Beach with its clear blue waters and pristine white sands. Hoping to catch sight of some babes in bikinis? This is the place to be! 


3) Explore Historical Bagan (Where You Step Into A Farmer's Shoes)

Bagan, one of the world’s greatest archeological sites with hundreds of temples that were built nearly 1000 years ago. Try being a GARANG EXPLORER and explore this enchanting place on an ox cart ! 


4) Take A Boat Ride At Inle Lake

A 6-hour bus ride away from Bagan is Inle Lake. This lake is huge, apparently the second largest lake in Myanmar. But what is more interesting is that the people who live in this lake are known for their unique style of rowing: standing on the boat with one leg, and using the other leg to row. The cheeky boat guide kept trying to chut pattern at the back by rocking the boat.


5) Take A Walk Around Bogyoke Market (Where You Unleash Your Inner Ahma)

6) Immerse In Yangon Nightlife (and unleash the party animal in you)

On the last night of the trip, head to the Institut Français de Birmanie to party. Sounded sibeh high level but actually ​*drum-rolls please*​ wait for it… THEY HOST CLUBBING EVENTS!!!!



However...the catch is...we didn't actually send SGAG there!!

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