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Wednesday December 7, 2016 | by Jonathan Lee | In Asia

When it comes to holidays, some look towards shopping or indulging themselves with food. There are some however, who prefer an adventure filled holiday. If you fall into this category, here are some affordable destinations to get your adrenaline pumping!

  1. Winter Sports in South Korea

Source: Trazy

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Winter is definitely coming in Korea. With numerous mountains and ski resorts, it is a good time to consider your first trip there. Tourists from all over the world flock to Korea during its winter season.

I highly recommend visiting Phoenix Park resort. Phoenix Park is able to handle large groups of skiers/snowboarders. Phoenix Park offers a wide selection of slopes, from beginner all the way to the expert level. There are instructors available upon request for coaching. It is easy to communicate with the instructors as they speak English. Within one short lesson, I was able to ski down the beginner slope! Definitely worth giving it a go.

174, Taegi-ro, Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

Operating Hours
Day Pass 10:30-15:30
Night Pass 18:30-22:30
Midnight Pass 22:00-01:00
All Night Pass 23:30-04:30

Not interested in winter sports? Fret not. There are other places you can visit for your upcoming holiday.

  1. Trekking into Mulu Caves

Source: Mulu Cave

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Show Caves

Let’s start off with the Show Caves. This is a “preview” of what you’ll get to see when you advance into adventuring inside the caves. These Caves are specially chosen due to each individual’s uniqueness and beauty. There are 4 show caves in total. Deer Cave, Lang Cave, Clearwater Cave and Cave Of The Winds.  These caves are relatively easy with platforms to walk on and almost anyone regardless of fitness level would be able to complete. The difficulty of the Show Caves is low.

The largest of the caves, Deer Cave is just over 2 kilometers in length and roughly 3 hours walking and exploring time. The Cave has a wooden pathway for walking, which makes exploring a whole lot easier. The Show Caves, only scratches the surface and there is so much more to explore!  

Source: Mulu Park

One of the most unique sight when visiting these caves would be seeing a swamp of bats flying out of the cave during sunset, aka bat exodus. Remember the scene from batman where bats flew from every direction? Pretty much the same and you get to experience first-hand a scene from a movie! #childhooddreams 

Intermediate Adventure Caving 

The intermediate adventure caving is for adventurers who enjoy the Show Caves and want to see more.  The Adventure Caving has its own difficulty, requiring some climbing, and swimming (depending on water tide) If the water tide is too high, trips may be cancelled! Fingers crossed. While climbing down the cave, less light reaches and it just seems like you are entering another world. Helmet and headlights are provided but you should bring a torchlight just in case.  

The main difference with this and Show Caves is the pathing. The easiest of the Intermediate Adventure Caving, Lagang Cave, requires scrambling over boulders, as compared to walking on wooden pathing. The more difficult ones like Racer Cave, named after a type of snake, requires climbing up and down passageways. This cave requires some form of physical strength which is why it is more difficult than Lagang Cave.  

Source: Mulu Cave

Being much darker than the show caves, you might get to see animals that are different to what you will see on the surface. Animals adapt to survive. In the darkness with low visibility, animals forgo their sight in exchange with other senses, by changing their appearance. Insects, grow long feelers to navigate, and racer snakes that learn how to catch without seeing.  

Source: Alan Cressler/ Discover Life

Advanced Adventure Caving

Not for the faint of heart. First off, these adventure caving is physically demanding, and is challenging even for experienced cavers. To be eligible for the advance adventure caving, prior experience is needed or an intermediate adventure caving needs to be done the day before.  The Sarawak Chamber is the largest underground chamber in the world and requires 1 overnight stay, completing this challenge takes roughly 10-15hours to complete. It starts off with a 10kilometer trek to the cave entrance, which takes up to 4 hours! Inside, the river level can be quite high. Being comfortable in swimming is a necessity. 

After all the hard work, the view you get truly is worth it. If you have the energy and physical requirements, this cave is a must visit.

Source: Robbie Shone Photography

If trekking and winter sports doesn’t suit you, I saved a special place for last. Thailand, home to cheap shopping and food, is also home to Phuket. Located in the Andaman sea, is full of beautiful beaches and resorts. With sandy white beaches and amazing island features, it is definitely a go to place to escape reality and just live in the moment.


  1. Deep Sea Diving in Thailand

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Racha Noi and Racha Yai is one of the most popular diving location in Phuket. They are just a boat ride from Chalong Bay in Phuket.

Source: Aussie Divers Phuket

At Racha Noi and Racha Yai, visibility is great. The ocean looks like a swimming pool with almost no pollution. Even if you are not diving, you are able to see the fishes swimming. To be able to dive with eels, stingrays and scorpion fish, it really is a sight to be seen.  Did I not mention there are multiple shipwrecks for you to visit? How cool is that.

Source: Aussie Divers Phuket

If you have no certification for diving, there are options for snorkeling or swimming. If you don’t want to get wet, there are bars around where you could get a drink or two. Chilling in life has never been easier. Diving in Phuket is possible all year round, pending weather conditions. There are many diving centres that you could book from at reasonable prices. Aren’t you excited already?

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