Should I travel or save money?

Wednesday December 28, 2016 | by Jonathan Lee | In Asia


Life’s a never ending journey, the more we explore, the more of the world we see. It’s an ambition of mine to travel around the world. Have you seen the film around the world in 80 days? That’s what kick started my interest in travelling.


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Did anyone also realize that it’s getting cheaper to fly? An air ticket to Bangkok can cost as low as $84, which is just a little more than a ticket to the Universal Studios! But the question most of us have when we see a sale is, should we even spend that money? 

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Let us tell you why you should: 

1. Places usually look 100x better in real life!


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There are many amazing landscapes around the world. Waking up and being able to look at Mt Fuji from your window in Tokyo, or watching an amazing sunset while soaking in a natural hot springs, these definitely are some travel goals to have.

The destination is also often made a lot more beautiful because of her people. For instance, the Japanese are so polite that I always ponder to myself, how are people just that nice? It certainly got me reflecting a bit!

Take your trip and learn some culture (might as well! You’re already there!), and you never know if you’ll learn some essential lessons and bring it home with you!


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2. You'll meet obstacles but you'll grow



A particular experienced I faced in Hong Kong can be a testimony to this.

Hong Kong is a bustling city with a lot of happenings. With all the excitement going around, I wandered into a night market and spent all my money on snacks (0 budgeting skills + loads of curiosity). Lo and Behold, I got lost. With no experience, and alone in a foreign country, I had to adapt and find a way myself.

When I travel now, alone or with friends, I always remember this experience and plan before hand and budget money wisely (slowly but surely becoming an old man full of wisdom).


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3. Learn to go with the flow



I know of friends who have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) when it comes to itinerary planning. Most of the time, they learn to be more flexible because it’s simply impossible to stick to a schedule (especially a tight one) when you are in somewhere 100% foreign.

Getting around Korea was a challenge because the only Korean lessons we have are that in Korean drama but how much do we actually know? It wasn’t that bad after all. Locals knew basic English or just go back to the simple old pointing to let them know what u are looking for!

Moral of the story? There is no need to worry for something you cannot control. Do what you love to and you'll find a way eventually!


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4. Will it burn a hole in your wallet? No



Don’t go somewhere you can’t afford. Full stop.

And honestly, nothing is better than a short affordable weekend getaway. Sometimes it’s not about exploring something new, but going back to a familiar place to relax. From having an authentic Thai massage, or enjoying a long forgotten A&W root beer float. Bet you have forgotten all about this amazing concoction of root beer and ice cream.


5. Have things to laugh about - for life



A couple of years ago, I went to Bangkok with my friends one of the friends I was travelling with, was so clumsy. While ordering her root beer float, she dropped her entire jug of root beer into the ice cream tub over the counter. In the end they had to throw the whole tub away (because of broken glass). Luckily they didn’t make us pay!

Just thinking about it makes me laugh crazily.


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This holiday season, make full use of your time and travel! It may be a bit cliché but travelling, it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller. And guys, this is why I’ll choose travelling over and over again – as long as I don’t go broke!

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