Seven Gorgeous Foods to Please Your Eyes and Palate

Tuesday August 16, 2016 | by ZUJI | In America, Asia, Australia / NZ, Europe

They say that we eat with our eyes, and this statement has never rung truer. We’re now in the world of beautifully-put together plates of food and dessert, and in accompaniment, artful and perfectly-framed Instagram posts. These Instagram posts entice you and make you want to eat whatever you’re seeing, and with good reason.

With new eateries and dessert bars popping up everywhere, the race for the prettiest food is on. Food porn is a thing, and even the folks in Melbourne agree, having recently held their first ever Food Porn Festival.

At ZUJI, we love our food as much as we love travel, so why not both? We’ve curated a list of seven places that will satiate both your visual and tasting experiences. So let’s eat our way through the world, one gorgeous mouth-watering dish at a time.


1. Luyu and Yum Yum

Sydney, Australia

Manga Hedgehog Dumpling

Source: Luyu & Yum Yum

Mr Luyu’s Starburst Dumpling

Source: Luyu & Yum Yum


Along the bustling streets of Sydney lies Luyu and Yum Yum – a refined modern tea and dumpling house. This unique Asian eatery boasts an array of edible works of art, two of which are the Manga Hedgehog Dumpling and Mr Luyu’s Starburst Dumpling. Stuffed with mushrooms, coriander, and carrots, these adorable little hedgehogs are baked to perfection and look almost too good to eat as they’re perched on the plate! The Starburst dumplings are a colourful lot as they come served in bamboo steamers, and are the epitome of ‘tasting the rainbow’! The dough is fruit-infused and steamed to goodness, bursting with flavour with each bite.

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2. Hana no Babaroa Havaro

Tokyo, Japan


Source: NYLON Japan


Source: Boredpanda


Source: NYLON Japan


Found in a bakery near Tokyo Station, these petite and intricate floral-inspired desserts can sweeten anyone’s taste buds and eyes. Made with Bavarian cream, the shop is filled with an array of vivid colours and shapes that make these sweet treats. The Bouquet cakes look like soft donuts, and are typically filled with a range of yoghurt or cream flavours, and topped with a jelly that’s filled with dainty flowers and bright fruits. Another favourite is the mini cube cakes called Pètale that have a cream base, topped with a flower encased in jelly. We can’t decide if these should just be left for decoration or eaten whole!

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3. Oddies Foodies

Hong Kong

Night Wolf



Hong Kong is known for its delicious local street snack – egg waffles (or gai daan jai in Cantonese), and one little ice cream parlour has turned this snack into the most wondrous dessert. Behold, the Night Wolf. Made with a twist of Italian soft plain and dark chocolate gelato, this beauty is served with buttery crumbles, caramelised banana ice cream, passion fruit panna cotta, brownie and chocolate chip egg waffles, and crunchy flakes sprinkles. Put this against a white wall with natural light, and voila! Instant #dessertporn.

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4. Demi Concept

Bangkok, Thailand

Black Charcoal and Matcha Swirl Soft Serve Cone

Source: jjocelyn_906


Deep in the heart of Bangkok lies a throng of food trucks lining the streets, and one in particular is Demi Concept, an ice cream food truck parked right outside Platinum Fashion Mall. We all know this is the city known for its food, nightlife entertainment, shopping, and food (yes, we said it again). And in the sweltering heat, what better way to cool down than with a delicious cool cone? Serving up yummy Japanese soft serves, one of Demi Concept’s popular choices is the Black Charcoal and Matcha Swirl Soft Serve Cone. This pretty-as-a-picture soft serve comes with matcha and black charcoal entwined perfectly into a cone, complete with Oreo cookies and sweet biscuit sticks. A real sweet treat to fight off the heat!

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5. Doux Amour

Sydney, Australia

Cookie Puffs

Source: geretkoper

Cookie Puffs

Source: hellomollyfashion


Look at those cute animal cookie puffs! Need we say more? These babies are actually made of choux pastry, similar to éclairs and profiteroles. Each contains custard cream and top dusted with cookie crumbs. The Cookie Puffs are available in six adorable variations (flavours) – Nutty the Nutella bear, Blackie the black sesame penguin, Rosie the rose and lychee pig, Chai-ger the Chai tiger, Macho the green tea turtle, and O-be the taro octopus. While we’d love to take them home as pets, the next best thing is to snap a picture of these creatures all nicely propped on a dessert dish before savouring them slowly.

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6. Dominique Ansel Bakery

New York, U.S.A

Chocolate Chip Milk and Cookie Shot

Source: Thomas Schauer


One of the unique creations from innovative French pastry chef Dominique Ansel – the Chocolate Chip Milk and Cookie Shot. Chocolate chip cookies are shaped into the form of a shot glass and lined with dark chocolate before being filled up with fresh vanilla-infused milk. Served freshly baked and warm, these divine creations are visually enticing and delicious to boot! We can already see the potential to ‘Boomerang’ this snack while the milk is being poured in. Perhaps this could be a new option for Santa Claus by the chimney this Christmas?

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7. Street Talk Espresso

Melbourne, Australia

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Salmon

Source: foodiemelbourne


Right from the city who brought us their Food Porn Festival, this Melbournian café’s latest creation is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Salmon. Apart from its cheeky and clever name, this delightfully dish comprises of roasted bagel crumb, dill and orange cream cheese, beetroot gel, salmon, candied stone fruit, tomatoes, caper concasse, and avocado mousse. Talk about transforming a deconstructed smoked salmon bagel into a reconstructed cheesecake! The flowers add just the right touch of freshness, and also a wonderful addition for the picture, we must say.

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These dishes are a testament that food can not only taste good, but look beautiful too! Fill your Instagram with these #foodporn-worthy selections, and who knows who you’ll inspire to try them?


And you know what they say, if you didn’t put it on Instagram, it didn’t happen.


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