10 Family-fun hotels to suit both ends of your budget

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We all know that selecting the best hotel that suits you and your family is probably one of the most stressful pre-vacation tasks to settle. From the lush and luxurious to the affordable and wallet friendly – ZUJI has got you covered with a list of top hotels to suit your every needs.

Bali, Indonesia

Harris Hotel
Wallet Friendly:
Get the best bang for your buck


HARRIS Residences(Source: Harris Hotel & Residences ) 

If you’re planning a trip to the ever popular Bali, check out the Harris Hotel & Residences Sunset Road. Packed at an affordable price point, it offers a wide range of activities for both the adults and kids – from pool games to a flying fox, Zumba to karaoke, there’s definitely something for everyone to do together. For the little ones, join the Dino Kid’s Club, where they can participate in dance classes, go for a swim at the kid’s pool (which includes a waterslide!) or just stay indoors for painting sessions. With an array of recreational activities, you’ll be too tired to ever get bored!


Hard Rock Hotel
Lush & Luxurious:
Where Rock star dreams come true


Hard Rock Hotel(Source: Hard Rock Hotel Bali)

For a little more edge, book the family a stay at the Hard Rock Hotel to experience the ultimate rock star treatment. While the grownups check themselves into the luxurious Rock Spa, the younger ones will surely be kept occupied with Lego building sessions, Play-Doh modelling and treasure Hunts at the Lil’ Rock Kids Club. The children will have so much fun they wouldn’t even notice if you were gone! The hotel is also conveniently located in the heart of Bali’s main Kuta Beach filled with a variety of local hawkers the family would enjoy. With so many activities in one place, this is one hotel that makes the top of the charts!


Hong Kong

The City View
Wallet Friendly: If you’d rather spend more on the shopping

 City View(Source: Lang Ham Hotels)

The streets of Hong Kong are brimming with opportunities for families to shop until you drop. Naturally, you would prefer to spend more on shopping without scrimping on comfort and accessibility! The City View provides special offers for affordable accommodation with large family suites and amenities like child care services and even a full sized basketball court for a quick game of hoops with your teen. Conveniently situated, shopping with the family has never been easier as popular shopping districts like the Temple Street Night Market and Goldfish Market are found right at the hotel’s doorsteps. With heavy shopping bags after a full day at the mall, this is one hotel you’d be happy to return to.


Royal Plaza Hotel
Lush & Luxurious:
Huge family suites for the little tots


Royal Plaza Hotel
(Source: Royal Plaza Hotel)

Royal Plaza Hotel  is another place to think about while on your vacation in Hong Kong. Although a little pricier, this 5-Star hotel comes with huge family suites that caters for the entire lot. Parents will be pleasantly pleased to know that family attractions such as Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park are easily accessible from this establishment. For a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong, don’t miss your chance to take the family to Victoria’s Peak – consider going at night for a lovely view of the island’s parade of beautiful city lights. You’ll definitely have the family starry eyed and wishing to stay a little longer at the Royal Plaza.


Penang, Malaysia

The Sunway Hotel
Wallet Friendly:
Live in the heart of Penang’s culture


The Sunway Hotel 
(Source: The Sunway Hotel)

Only a short flight away, Penang is one of the best destinations for a quick family getaway. The Sunway Hotel is one lodge that families should not miss with amenities like a DVD player in the family suite. Movie nights will be a great way for the family to bond – now all you need is popcorn! Aqua babies will be pleased to know that the suite is also conveniently located on the same level as the hotel’s pool! With the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion and Armenian Street only a stone’s throw away, it’s easy to experience Penang’s many culturally infused cuisines and rich Peranakan traditions. There’s so much for all to learn during your stay at The Sunway.


G Hotel
Lush & Luxurious:
Wake up to a grand view of the Malacca Straits


Hotel Gurney(Source: G Hotel Gurney)

This luxury hotel is set along the Gurney Drive promenade overlooking the Malacca Straits. G Hotel is two kilometres from the Penang Botanic Gardens and takes prides in their impeccable customer service. Explore the majestic Fort Cornwallis with the family - Also only a mere two kilometres away, it is a star fort built by the British India Company in the late 18th century and the largest standing fort in Malaysia to date. If you’re looking to immerse the family in Penang’s melting pot of cultures, G Hotel offers its guests a cooking class where the family will be able to bond over culinary crafting and take home a taste of Penang with you.


Tokyo, Japan

Shiba Park Hotel
Wallet Friendly:
The one convenient stop for the entire lot


 Shiba Park Hotel
(Source: Shiba Park Hotel

Tokyo, Japan is one of the most family friendly destinations in the world - with pram accessible lanes and plenty of nursery rooms available in their shopping malls, it is no wonder families are flocking to Tokyo all year round. The Shiba Park Hotel is one affordable option for families to consider. It is located in the heart of the city close to international food outlets and attractions the children will love, like the ultimate Pokemon Centre filled with so many stuffed Pokemons that will melt your heart. How about a trip to the enchanting Tokyo Disneyland where your favourite Disney characters come to life through rides, 4D movies and up close in person. To take home a bit of Disney with you, go around with the family to collect autographs of your favourite Disney characters and take a fun shot with them too. With so much to offer, the Shiba Park hotel is both wallet friendly and great for the family!


Royal Park Hotel
Lush & Luxurious: Feast your eyes with gorgeous sights


TOKYO Royal Park Hotel(Source: Royal Park Hotel The Shiodome Tokyo

A room at The Royal Park Hotel is the luxurious alternative for the family as it’s a hotel that takes pride in their top-notch services and guestrooms that come with large comfy beds. While the family is still asleep, the Tsukiji Fish market (only 1.7 km away) is brimming with life – an early trip to the market is made worth it as you bask in the excitement of tuna auctions and have for breakfast the freshest slice of sashimi or seafood the family will never forget. After a long day out, come back to the hotel and be amazed by the beautiful sights of the city and Odaiba Island (only 7km away). This is one view you’ll surely want to enjoy with your family.


Seoul, Korea

Ibis Ambassador
Wallet Friendly:
Cosy, affordable and oh so comfy


(Source: Ibis Ambassador Seoul Myeongdong

Seoul, Korea is a sprawling metropolis that is a hotspot for vacations. The Ibis Ambassador Seoul Myeongdong is perfect for families who want to splurge more on their itinerary than accommodation. Every suite is equipped with two or more comfy beds that are large enough for a family of five. Conveniently located in the heart of Seoul’s shopping district, families can find an abundance of department stores and food stalls from Dongdaemun Market to cater to everyone’s taste buds. As your day comes to a close, you will find the hot tub in the room useful to keep the children entertained with bubble baths especially when they kick up a fuss.


Lotte Hotel
Lush & Luxurious:
Sweet dreams are made of these pillows


Lotte Hotel 
(Source: The Lotte Hotel Seoul

The Lotte Hotel is known to many as the best 5-Star hotel in Seoul. Albeit on the pricier end of the spectrum, families will be treated to a bird’s eye view of the Korea skyline. Also, the hotel’s district is great for exploring restaurants, shopping and sightseeing at locations like Lotte Duty Free. Don’t miss out on a trip to the Lotte World Theme Park located close by for a fun filled day with the family. At the Lotte Hotel, sweet dreams are guaranteed with 15 different tailored pillows for everyone to choose from! A stay at the Lotte Hotel will definitely keep you smiling in your sleep.


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