Top 10 essentials for the smoothest flight

Tuesday October 13, 2015 | by ZUJI | In America, Asia, Australia / NZ, Europe

Packing is an art that we all should master, especially for a long flight. Here is a list of the top 10 items that will make your flight more comfortable.


1. Chargers

Don’t pack your chargers in your checked-in luggage. Have them in your bag as you’ll never know when you’ll need the extra juice for your electronics. If a charger is too clunky and too much of a hassle, invest in a good portable charger to have on standby instead. Also, don’t forget to stash your necessary cables within your bag as well, as some planes have handy USB ports so you can charge your devices inflight.


2. Melatonin 

Do you struggle with jet lag? If you do, you might want to consider getting Melatonin to help control your sleep and wake cycles. You can get a hold of them off the counter at the local pharmacy store, but always speak to your doctor before trying out new medication.


3. A foldable water bottle

Water usually costs a lot more at airports. The best way to cheat the system is to bring an empty bottle that you can use to fill up once you past the security checkpoints. That way, you’ll have a supply on hand during the flight. However, empty bottles can take up quite a bit of bag space. So why not invest in a foldable water bottle? If it’s empty, all you need to do is size it down!

 Water Bottle

4. Moisturiser

The air on a plane gets a lot drier after take-off. To prevent your skin from getting dried out, stay hydrated by packing a bottle of moisturizer. This will help you to stay fresh throughout the flight and when you land. But don’t forget to keep your bottle at a maximum of 100ml.

Pro-tip:For added freshness, get a face mist and apply it before moisturizing. This will then be an added layer of moisture to your skin.


5. Something to keep you warm

Have you ever sat under an air-conditioning vent on an air plane? Despite adjusting the valve, it still can be pretty chilly. Although blankets provided on a flight are designed to trap heat and keep you warm, they may sometimes be insufficient for us. So always make sure you bring a sweater or a large scarf, which can double-up even as a blanket or pillow.


6. Antibacterial wipes

This basic essential is a lot more critical than you might think. As much as we’d like to think that airplane seats are disinfected before each flight, they not always are. Have a pack of antibacterial wipes in your bag to wipe down any surface you might touch before taking your seat to avoid catching any germs. No one ever wants to fall sick during their vacation, so be sure to eliminate the germs in your immediate area.


7. Nibbles

Airplane food can be a bit of a drab, especially if you’re on a LONG flight. So bring your own snacks to mix it up for your taste buds and keep your tummy happy. Some great healthy option are mixed nuts, raisins or even granola bars. In the event your travel time gets extended, these little munchies are also definitely great for you to have on hand!




8. Eye mask and Ear plugs

It doesn’t matter if your flight is an hour or 12 hours. You should always take a snooze when the feeling hits you. Keeping an eye mask and earplugs stashed in your hand carry takes up little space and guarantees better quality Z’s!


Eye Mask


9. Mint

Airplane cabins are pressurized during flight but operate at lower pressures at cruising altitude than they do on the ground. As the plane ascends or descends you might experience the changing pressure in your inner ear. Although it can be uncomfy, it’s easily self-treatable. Chewing mint is one of the remedies. Apart from that, it also helps you keep your breath minty fresh through your flight.


10. Noise-cancelling headphones

These are an absolute must if you want to tune out from the jet noise, loud passengers, or even cranky kids. It not only makes listening to music of watching films less of a strain, but it also doubles up an ear-mufflers to reduce the noise around you.

Pro-tip: Want to use your personal headphones for inflight entertainment? Just get yourself an airplane headphone socket adaptor and your inflight audio will be kicked up a notch.



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