10 Fun Things to do in Xian – China

Monday January 12, 2015 | by Travel & Beyond | In Asia

My trip to China wasn’t the usual stopover in Beijing or Shanghai. Instead, it was to a city that was as important as Rome was in its heydays! Xi’an, the starting point of the ancient Silk Road is the largest overland trade route linking China to Central Asia and Europe and is filled with historical sites, beautiful tales and intriguing food. Here are my picks of 10 fun things to do in Xian.


1. Huaqing Hot Springs

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Visit the Huaqing Hot Springs which was the grounds for the infamous love affair between Emperor Xuanzong and his concubine Yang Guifei during the Tang Dynasty era.


2. Song of Unending Sorrow

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See how the mountain backdrop and the Huaqing Hot Springs transform into a magical stage as the historical drama of forbidden love enfolds!


3. Shaanxi Provincial History Museum

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Browse through 115,000 objects and learn about Xi’an’s past and how it transformed politically as dynasties rose and fell.


4. Terracotta Warriors

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Gaze upon the magnificent tomb of the terracotta warriors and learn about Emperor Qin’s fanatical fear about death and an obsessive quest for the secret of immortality.


5. City Walls

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Cycle 13.7 kilometers around one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world!


6. Dumpling Banquet


Indulge in a dumpling banquet that consists of 44 dumplings of various flavours and fillings!


7. Drum Tower


Climb up the Drum Tower that dates back to the Ming Dynasty that was used as one of two means (the other being the Bell Tower) to tell time.


8. Visit The Muslim Quarter


The hub of the Muslim community in Xi’an, the Muslim Quarter is an amazing market street for food, trinkets and a great way to meet people of Hui descent.


9. The Great Mosque


Laid out like a traditional Chinese Temple, the Great Mosque of Xian was built in 742 AD during the Tang Dynasty.


10. Shop


The Muslim Quarter is a great place to shop for unique items – food, clothes, curios. My favourite was their freshly ground course chilli!



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Grand Park Xi’an – Located just two minutes from the metro station, this lovely hotel is also a five minute walk from the City Walls, a twenty minute walk to the Bell Tower and an hour’s drive to the famed site of the Army of Terracotta Warriors and Horses. The hotel offers complimentary Wi-Fi and has a lovely breakfast spread offering both Chinese and Western cuisine. Address: 12 Xi Duan, Huan Cheng South Road, Xian 710068, Shaanxi, China. Visit their official website for rates.




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