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Situated at the outskirts north of Osaka, yet less than 30 minutes ride from downtown Umeda Station, Minoo Park offers quiet, reflective strolls along forested trails beside bubbling brooks during non-peak seasons, and bustling, scenic walks lined with awesome autumn foliage during the fall season.


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The main attraction of the park is the Minoo Waterfall, which marks the end of the main walking trail in Minoo Park. Along the way, one could deviate from the main walking trail to other trails, some of which climb up to more than 400m above sea level, or visit the Insect Museum, and Ryuanji Temple, to name a few.


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Quite a number of roadside stands sell snacks, so don't go there with a full stomach just so you could try out some of the food that's particular to the season! One thing to note though, the roadside stands might be closed during non-peak season. If you don't want to pack some food in your bag for the walk, you could fill up at the restaurants near Minoo Station before starting to last you the whole return trip.


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A recommended Osaka day trip itinerary could go like this - Start bright and early, reserving the whole morning for some nature in Minoo Park, and spend the afternoon til evening in Umeda and/or Namba for Osaka food and shopping.


Directions to Minoo Park:

- From Umeda Station 梅田 take Hankyu Takarazuka Line 宝塚本線 to Ishibashi Station 石橋

- Transfer to Hankyu Mino Line 箕面線 to Minoo Station 箕面

Mino Park starts a short walk north of Hankyu Minoo Station

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