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Thursday November 27, 2014 | by ZUJI | In Asia

Check out this Bhutan adventure from one of our ZUJI Travel Specialist!

Ever wanted to visit Bhutan? Check out some of the highlights you should catch should you ever make the trip there. Trust me, it's worth it! 

I had the opportunity to visit the land of the Land of the Thunder Dragon in 2014 with my wife! (Bhutan AKA country on a mountain, originally named by India. Or also previously known as Drukyul).

As you also know, this is the country that started the Gross National Happiness (By the 4th King AKA the people’s king. He passed his power to his son, who is the current king while he is still alive. Still alive now FYI)

One thing to take note before you read on: Bhutanese guides treat their clients with the following motto, Travel as guests, not as tourists. They treat you like friends so you will enjoy the trip as much as possible (at least mine did). Exchange rate for easy reference: 1usd to 60 Ngultrum (same as Indian Rupees)

First stop I would recommend is to the Buddha point to see the huge Buddha statue. Guide shared about past buddha (mediate mode), present buddha (hands down) and future buddha ( teaching mode). The Buddha is made of bronze and the dot on the forehead comprises of diamonds donated by the royal family.

 Bhudda -point


Keep your camera ready during the drive up the mountain which provides great shots for that Instagram moment.



Stop by for a tour to unakha fortress and explore this historical structure. Don't be shy and grab a photo with a monk if you can! They're all pretty friendly. 




Next up is a long drive to Bumthang, where I had a good picture of the silk cotton flower tree. It’s really that red! Remember to bundle up as the weather is really cold up there.

 Cotton -flower -tree


Take a short break by the burning lake. The story of this lake goes that there was once a Cow Herder who dreamt of Guru Rimphoche to get treasures from the river. He entered and returned from the river with a lamp lighted. Thus, the name flaming river/burning lake.

 Burning River


Finally, you must take the hike up to Tiger Nest along the mountain side for this iconic and spectacular view! Warning: It's quite a hike up so wear the proper gear and build up your stamina for this.

 Tiger -Nest

Bhutan may not be one of the top destinations for most Singaporeans but if you're looking for a laid-back holiday (no shopping or theme parks etc), this is a pretty nice place to visit. 


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