Adventure up Mount Kinabalu

Wednesday November 5, 2014 | by ZUJI | In Asia

Check out this Mount Kinabalu adventure from one of our ZUJI Travel Specialist!

I’ve always enjoyed cloud-watching from high above and what better way to do that than to climb the highest mountain in SEA right? Plus, it’s a little annoying when people give me that doubtful look when I say I want to climb a mountain at least once in my life. So, in all #yolo spirit, we booked our tickets to Kota Kinabalu.

Honestly, we didn’t think much when we booked the tickets – which is a blessing in disguise because when we found out how tiring Bukit Timah Hill is, we were so close to backing out.


If you are someone who’ve booked your Mount Kinabalu trip on a whim, here are some little tips that will make your climb up less torturous:

1. PAIR of hiking sticks

Do NOT believe anyone when they say you could just get one. It’s just ~$20 for a pair at the Jalan Besar Army Market so please don’t get just one in order to save that $10 – it’s not worth it and you will hate yourself for saving that $10 for that >10 hours of climbing. Trust me!

2. Gloves!

I forgot to bring mine but I thought it would be fine. No, it wasn’t! Especially when you need a good grip of your hiking sticks when it gets cold and wet. If you are doing Ferrata, then all the more you have to make sure that you’ve packed your gloves.


3. HIKING shoes

Because I worry a lot, this was my top priority when I was preparing my gear for Mount Kinabalu (no one really wants to slip/fall when they are climbing a mountain right?) :p I got a pair that’s waterproof with Vibram soles (supposedly gives better grip and traction) and it made me feel safe throughout the climb. I think running shoes should be fine too but I don’t want to put in the extra effort to balance myself when there’s already so many things to stress about.

4. YUMMY chocolates + biscuits + cup noodles + cereal + MILO

Okay, this might not apply for people who hates chocolates but I remember I packed so much Snickers (apparently it’s supposed to give you more energy than normal chocolate) that I didn’t want to eat it anymore when I was nearing the peak though I was so freaking hungry. I should have packed more Buenos! You’ll get tired of sweet stuff so some biscuits would help too!

Other than the dinner, the breakfast/lunch at the base camp sucks. Bring your cup noodles or be prepared to starve.

Last but not least, go with a bunch of crazily fun people so you wouldn’t have to keep thinking about the climb! :D



The glorious view from the top!

To sum it up, Mount Kinabalu really isn’t a difficult mountain to climb. As cheesy as it might sound, it’s really a case of mind over matter because you would be so mentally drained that you wouldn’t feel the muscle aches until the climb is over. Go with a group of happy people and come back with your own Mount Kinabalu story;)

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