Travelling Opens up Doors for Romance

Tuesday November 19, 2013 | by ZUJI | In Asia, Australia / NZ, Europe

Did you know that travelling helps open up doors for romance? Check out the findings from the quarterly ZUJI Poll!

The first ZUJI-Dex report, themed the 'Travel Romance Edition', polled 749 Singapore­-based travellers and revealed some interesting findings:

  • Maldives _resized The Maldives (42%) tops the list as the place where couples would most like to 'renew the love' with their significant other. In 2013, more than 60% of the bookings made on ZUJI are by couples. A little closer to home, Japan was the destination that came in second raking in 23% of the vote.
  • Men seem to be the more adventurous in starting romantic memories overseas. 1 in 3 men versus 1 in 5 women said they have been involved in a travel romance.
  • 2 in every 3 male Singapore travellers actually wish for a travel romance and they're in good company with the same number of female travellers also open to travel romance.
  • France _resized Of the poll participants, nearly a quarter of Singapore-based travellers who had a holiday romance met their lifelong partner and ended up marrying.
  • France was voted as the #1 travel romance destination among Singapore travellers. It also happens to be the #2 European flight destination for ZUJI.
  • More than 91% of Singapore based travellers state that they have not gone through heartbreak while on holiday.
  • 185035196_resized Singapore female travellers labelled Maldivian men as the third most romantic nationality, behind the French and Italians. For men, 18% rate the Thais as the most romantic. Bangkok is also one of the top destinations ZUJI offer
  • A trip to Europe has been labelled as the most romantic travel trip idea (58%), followed by staying at a private beach villa that you never leave (39%). In fact, bookings to the UK have increased 24% between 2012 to July 2013 on ZUJI.                                                                                                                   

The following travel insights were based on ZUJI booking data from July to September 2013 and revealed that Singaporean travel habits are evolving. A larger number of travellers prefer short haul destinations versus lengthier flights.

  • The top five flight destinations departing from Singapore include (1-5): Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Seoul and Taiwan.
  • The top three new flight destinations include (1-3): Sydney, Ho Chi Minh and Xi'an Xianyang.
  • In the battle between long and short haul travel, regional travel triumphs with 78% preferring this over long haul (22%).
  • The top five hotel standalone destinations include (1-5): Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Taiwan and Tokyo.
  • The top three new hotel destinations include (1-3): Batam, Indonesia; Salzburg, Austria and Dublin, Ireland.
  • Singapore travellers are careful with how they spend their money, with only 26% booking five star accommodation. The majority (49%) booked four star hotels, with 25% booking other forms of lodging.
  • Short trips are most prevalent among Singapore travellers, with the average length of stay only lasting two and a half days.

Explaining the purpose of the poll, Ms Chua said: "The ZUJI-Dex report was developed to provide greater insights into the travel behaviours and preferences of Singapore travellers. The data gathered enables us to get underneath the skin of our consumers and ensure that we are continually creating the best holiday options that enable the start of great travel memories."



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