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 China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited was founded in April 1995 and was listed at Stock 

MU SG Highlights 200X384Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, New York Stock Exchange, Inc. and Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1997.

The corporation grew out of China Eastern Airlines, which was established in 1988, and has since become one of the three largest civil aviation transportation backbone enterprises in China. Its Headquarter is based in Shanghai.

In February 2010, the alliance and reorganization of China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited and Shanghai Airlines Co., Ltd. were completed and Shanghai Airlines Co., Ltd. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines Corporation.

By December 31, 2009, China Eastern had possessed the total assets of about 95.8 billion yuan, owned more than 330 large and middle-sized transport planes with air service to 151 destinations and had over 60,000 employees. It is mainly engaged in passenger, cargo, post and luggage air transportation and extension service such as aircraft maintenance and travel agency. China Eastern has established an air transportation network linking the world with Shanghai as the core hub and Xian and Kunming as the regional hubs.

China Eastern has always upheld the corporate spirit of Satisfactory service above all others, energetically advocated the service concept of Cordial service by respecting clients and devoted itself to constructing an excellent airline company Cherished by employees, Chosen First by customers and Trusted by society.

China Eastern has consecutively won the Annual Laureate Award, the 10-Year Cordial Service Award of the International Air Transport Association and the Five-Star Diamond Award awarded worldwide by American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.

As the first global cooperative partner and the only aviation passenger transportation carrier of the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, China Eastern has always held "customer satisfaction above all else", advocated "providing dedicated service to our loyal customers", and been dedicated to creating a top-quality service brand, establishing a comprehensive airline route network, and building a superb airline company that is "cherished by staff, preferred by customers, satisfactory to shareholders and trusted by society". In this way, China Eastern built the "World Expo Airport Express" providing passage from all over the world using a fleet of advanced passenger and cargo aircraft, ensured high-quality safe flights, guaranteed highly efficient operations and top-level transportation service

Classes of Travel

First Class Cabin Experience

We've created a spacious cabin with more personal space. By reducing the number of premiuMUnits* from 12 to 8, we've created an atmosphere of total privacy, offering you more room to stretch out, get comfortable, and indulge in all that our First Class has to offer. Beyond a seat, our premiuMUnits are custom-crafted with your comfort and expectation in mind. Indulge with fine wines and cuisine from around the world while you relax in your leather seat. World-class service, luxurious amenities, turn-down service, and exceptional entertainment make your travels a pleasure. Experience the exclusive cabin aboard our A340-600s, and discover more of what China Eastern Airlines has to offer.

Business Class Cabin Experience

There's no bigger, more comfortable way to travel in business class today. Our custom Italian-Swiss designed seat, the Kingbed, has unique armrests, which can be lowered to provide extra width, allowing you more room to sleep on your side or back. The Business Class seat measuring, with armrests lowered, an impressive 69 cm (27 inches) wide and 198 cm (6 feet and 6 inches) long, allows you more freedom to work, relax or sleep. There's simply no better way to be comfortable in business class today.

Economy Class Cabin Experience

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Time flies when you're having fun. Relax in our bright and cheerful cabin, get comfortable in specially designed seats, and enjoy flavorful cuisine. Close to 500 entertainment options -- including the latest blockbuster movies, hit TV shows and interactive games guarantees you'll stay entertained. Beyond the standard economy class, our seats keep you more comfortable with adjustable footrests and winged headrests. Inflight dining includes a world-class cuisine and signature dishe

s created by our International Culinary Panel. You're attended to with individual Economy Class amenity kits, including a toothbrush set and a pair of knitted socks, on all overnight flights exceeding four and a half hours and day flights exceeding eight hours.


In-flight Entertainment

MU SG Inflight 200X161

From the beginning of 2006, First Class and Business Class travellers will have access to a comprehensive programme of entertainment with the extended China Eastern Media Panel. The four options MUcinema, MUcdplayer, MUTVstation and MUshow can be individually selected via the personal screen facing each seat: the choice includes 100 video options with 30 cinema films in up to eight languages, 30 TV programmes and 17 music magazines from around the world, 170 CDs, a selection of audio books, 23 radio programmes with many international channels, games of skill, action games, board games and strategy games as well as 11 language courses.