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Asia's Boutique Airline

In 2004, Bangkok Airways celebrated its 36th anniversary and unveiled its brand new campaign, "ASIA'SBOUTIQUE AIRLINE; Exclusive Service to Exotic Gems". The new 'boutique' campaign aims to strengthen Bangkok Airways' goals and to define the pillars of its brand. The resulting outcome is to position Bangkok Airways as a credible and trust worthy airline, while maintaining a modern and trendy boutique-like character.

A boutique normally refers to a small specialized business; often catering to niche markets. Applying this philosophy, Bangkok Airways' positioning as a "boutique airline" aims to offer the best personalized service to passengers and to develop more exotic and cultural destinations. The Thai government's latest implementation of the Open-Sky policy also ushered an influx of many new air carriers into the market. In order to secure a solid foothold in the ever-changing air industry, the new boutique campaign emphasizes and expands upon Bangkok Airways' position as a legacy carrier known for pioneering private airline flights in the Kingdom of Thailand. By offering full service in all categories such as boutique lounges, boutique airports, appetizing menus, new aircrafts, and friendly exclusive service to its passengers, this clearly places Bangkok Airways in a category of its own that differentiates it from other competing carriers. Its long-term stance is to be the best regional airline in Asia by providing exclusive services to all passengers.

Six main pillars:

1.Boutique Lounges

The clean and comfortable boutique lounges are similar to business-class style lounges offered by other airlines, but the striking difference is that it is available to all passengers with no extra charge or hidden fees. Each lounge has a courtesy corner where passengers can treat themselves to a multitude of free snacks and various choices of hot or cold drinks. Passengers can also enjoy free internet access from one of several computer booths while a kid's corner located within the lounge area will satisfy the needs ofyoung children.

Bangkok Airways' boutique lounge, therefore, allows all of its passengers to relax in style and comfortably while waiting to board their flight.

2. Boutique Lounges – Blue Ribbon Club

Bangkok Airways' boutique lounges have recently received new additions as the Blue Ribbon Club Lounges are now ready to serve premium passengers flying with Bangkok Airways' new business class, Blue Ribbon Club; or with Boutique Premier Service; or for any passengers with FlyerBonus Premier Membership.

Blue Ribbon Club Lounges differ from current boutique lounges, not just in the more extravagant design with hanging crystal chandeliers and a cozier atmosphere, but it offers greater personalized service and more attention to passengers' needs. More services have been included to make the lounge achieve high-quality status such as hot meals and a personal shower room; a massage parlor will also be implemented in the near future. Furthermore, a nice and quiet personal library room, which can also be used as a personal meeting room, offers our passengers more private space.

Blue Ribbon Club Lounges can be found adjacent to the airline's regular Boutique Lounges at each respective terminal.

3. Boutique Airports

Bangkok Airways' owns and operates three boutique airports—Samui, Sukhothai, and Trat. Each airport's unique architecture was designed to blend in with the natural and cultural surroundings of each of Thailand's three provinces.

Samui Airport's open-air, thatched terminal buildings blend seamlessly with the tropical gardens and coconut groves of Koh Samui. Sukhothai Airport, situated among the calm rice paddies, reflects traditional Thai architecture. Finally, Trat Airport highlights the essence of the province's surrounding natural environment.

The uniqueness of each airport complements Bangkok Airways' boutique characteristics.

4. Appetizing Menu

From lounge snacks to in-flight meals, passengers flying on Bangkok Airways will never fly to their destination on an empty stomach. Meals served on board are prepared and delivered with the highest level of food safety standards.

Special dietary menus such as vegetarian or Halal are also available upon request. On longer flight routes, passengers are given different meal choices to choose from.

5. Exclusive Service

Bangkok Airways' hospitality and personal touches that accompany passengers from the time they book their tickets to their safe arrival at their destination wraps up the airline's boutique experience. "Friendly service with a smile" is truly Bangkok Airways' unique personality that optimizes the joy flying and brings a sense of humanity back to air travel.

6. Colorful Aircrafts

Ensuring passengers arrive safely at their destination is Bangkok Airways’ primary concern, which is why the airline maintains the quality of aircraft fleet to grace the skies. All Bangkok Airways’ aircraft models are modern and recognizable.

Bangkok Airways’ aircraft are also decorated with colorful liveries of the various exotic and cultural destinations, thus adding to the airline’s trendy and boutique feel.