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Here are today's current flight offers on Asiana Airlines (departing from Singapore):

Asiana Airlines fares (ex-Singapore)

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Asiana Airlines - the company that comes closest its customers with a smile as beautiful as a wing with stripes of many colors, puts safety first with advanced equipment and a new fleet.

Asiana Airlines is the company that realizes customer satisfaction and a service that is based on the customer’s expectations. Asiana Airlines is always evolving to ensure enjoyable and comfortable travel.

Asiana Airlines’ brand-new premium service offers comfort and convenience unrivalled in the aviation world. Your journey will become more enjoyable. Your business will be executed faster and more conveniently. Asiana Airlines will enhance the elegance your travel. Enjoy a comfortable and convenient service on the wing with Asiana Airlines.

Classes of Travel

First Class

Asiana Airlines first class service allows you to fully enjoy your premium in-flight experience in a seat with a 180-degree reclining option and your privacy is carefully protected with a seat that is isolated by a partition. You may enjoy your dream flight in a wide seat with a width of 83 inches. In order to guarantee the most comfortable in-flight experience, Asiana Airlines catered a high-end, automatic precise control system that is customized for your body.

Business Class

Wide spaces between rows, ranging from 58 to 62 inches in width Enjoy a pleasant in-flight experience thanks to the wide space between rows. 167-degree bed-type seats: The back of the seat stretches almost horizontally, guaranteeing maximum comfort. Asiana Airline business class has partitions for individual passengers for a completely isolated space to protect your privacy .

To offer unique Korean meal services, Asiana Airlines has always offered Korean dishes like bibimbap, not only on flights departing from Korea but also on flights departing from overseas.

Economy Class

A personal monitor, a wide range of dozens of in-flight movies and the free AVOD system completes the fun in-flight experiences offered by Asiana Airlines. Choose from your favorite contents, including movies, music and games, through the AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) system. You can freely pause and play the movies, music and games of your choice. The dynamic experience of a large-sized personal monitor will make your flight seem shorter. Enjoy the in-flight AV experience offered by Asiana Airlines.

Asiana Airlines offers a premium service from the beginning of your journey to its end. Asiana Airlines serves highly nutritious Ssambap and Bibimbap as unique Korean dishes, and serves various other Korean dishes depending on the route.

Classes of Travel

In-flight Entertainment

Enjoy a variety of entertainment and wonderful memories to the full, together with the cabin event and show program team composed of Asiana Airlines' cabin crews. ASIANA offers an on-board make-up service allowing passengers to arrive at their final destinations feeling smart and looking pleasant after a long flight. Mask packs are available to moisturize the skin, which is prone to drying on a long flight inside a dry cabin.