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11 May 2016 ZUJI Poll: Half of Singapore-based Travellers Would Satiate Their Eye Candy Craving in Korea or Italy
11 May 2016 Infographic: Top picks around the world
25 Jan 2016 Lucky Destinations for Your Zodiac Sign
21 Nov 2015 ZUJI donates $30,000 and two family holidays to the under-privileged
20 Oct 2015 Infographic: Men vs Women
20 Oct 2015 ZUJI Poll: Men like it close and personal, Women prefer it online
24 Jun 2015 Singapore’s charitable hearts revealed: ‘Voluntourism’ on the rise, but only 10% willing to sacrifice social media for a cause
24 Jun 2015 Infographic: Giving back is the new black
24 Apr 2015 ZUJI creates brighter possibilites for under-priviledge students in Singapore
24 Feb 2015 Seven sweet tips to tick off your holiday booking checklist
3 Dec 2014 ZUJI launches Exclusives deals platform and go-to travel source
1 Sep 2014 ZUJI poll reveals 1 in 5 Singapore-based travelers have encountered ghosts and spirits while travelling!
1 Sep 2014 Infographic: Travel irks, quirks and qualms revealed!
5 Jun 2014 Support to Score! Kick Start Soccer Season by Rooting for Your Favourite Team
29 Apr 2014 Lost paradise is found at 5 unassuming beaches
25 Mar 2014 Fly away on a spiritual and reflective getaway this Easter
3 Mar 2014 Weird or wonderful? ZUJI poll reveals that 30% of Singapore-based travelers leave their toiletry bag at home before they on a budget holiday
23 Jan 2014 Snap happy on holidays? ZUJI announces top 5 destinations for shutterbugs
18 Dec 2013 Tour the world with the ZUJI Mobile Travel Guide
19 Nov 2013 Travelling opens up doors for romance – with close to 2/3 from Singapore hoping for it, reveals findings from ZUJI Poll
17 Sep 2013 Escape the Year-End Monsoon Season with ZUJI with ‘2toGo’ and ‘4toGo’ deals
5 Aug 2013 ZUJI research reveals that Singaporeans are spending and travelling more