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The vibrant city of Tokyo needs no introduction – whether you are looking for a fashion shopping trip in Shibuya, a good meal, shopping for electronics at Akihabara or a historic journey through Asakusa, Tokyo has it all. You can head from trendy neighbourhoods with friendly cafes and endless shopping options to serene areas dotted with grand temples and gardens in a single day. The impressive architectural mix – from ancient pagodas to soaring towers of steel and glass – follow Tokyo’s history, and at every turn there are always new things to see.

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Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)  
710X200 Tokyo Ueno

Ueno Park
There is a lot to see at the huge Ueno Park – you can visit any of its museums (from the quaint Shitamachi Museum to the grand Tokyo National Museum) and drop by the Ueno Zoo. You can also see ancient temples and shrines like the Kaneji Temple and Ueno Toshogu Shrine. Between March and April, the park becomes one of the best places to see sakura in Tokyo – over 1,000 blooming cherry trees line the central path and around Shinobazu pond, where you can join the locals during hanami parties.

How to get there 2 min walk from Ueno Station (Ginza subway line, Hibiya subway line)
Website Ueno Park
710X200 Tokyo Meguro

Meguro River Area
One of Tokyo’s most trendy neighbourhoods, the area surrounding Meguro River comes alive in spring when the 800 cherry trees lining the river bloom for several hundred metres, creating a spectacular sight. At night, you can take a romantic stroll by the river when the trees are lit up for the Nakameguro Sakura Festival.

How to get there 1 min walk from Nakameguro Station (Tokyu, Hibiya subway line)
Website Meguro Area
710X200 Tokyo Ameya

Ameya-yokocho Market (Ueno)
Ameya Yokocho open-air market is located right across the street from Ueno Station. There are many stalls selling a wide range of items like seafood, sportswear, street food and cosmetics. You can find unique items here, and usually at a bargain. There are also a number of snack stalls where you can stop for some refreshments or local street food like gyoza and dorayaki.

Opening hours 10am – 8pm (Varies across different shops)
How to get there 5 min walk from Ueno Station (JR, Ginza subway line, Hibiya subway line)
Website Ameya-yokocho Market (Japanese)
710X200 Tokyo Yurakucho

Yurakucho Area
Like neighbouring Ginza, Yurakucho is a lively shopping district. There are luxury department stores as well as restaurants and trendy cafes. Two of the largest shopping complexes are Yurakucho ITOCiA and LUMINE Yurakucho, both housing fashion boutiques and specialty eateries; Yurakucho ITOCiA also has a movie theatre. Here you can get local brands that are not found outside of Japan.

How to get there 2 min walk from Yurakucho Station (JR, Yurakucho subway line)
Website Yurakucho ITOCiA (Japanese)
LUMINE Yurakucho (Japanese)
Ginza & Yurakucho
710X200 Tokyo Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro Namja Town
Namja Town is an indoor theme park with 2 dining sections where you can eat gyoza and desserts in a nostalgic setting. The Gyoza Stadium represents gyoza menus from 14 famous restaurants, where you can try gyoza ranging from classic flavours to unique dumplings. Then head over to the Fukubukuro Dessert Yokocho to try some cute cakes and tasty flavours of ice creams.

Opening hours 10am - 10pm
How to get there 8 min walk from Ikebukuro Station (JR, Tobu, Seibu Ikebukuro, Marunouchi Subway line, Fukutoshin Subway line)
Ticket price ¥500 (Entrance Only)
¥2,900 (Adult Pass with Rides)
Website Namja Town
710X200 Tokyo Takao

Mt. Takao (Hachio-ji)
Located an hour’s train ride from Tokyo, sacred Mt. Takao is home to the 1,200 year old Yakuo-in Temple, which hosts rituals like meditating under waterfalls. Located halfway up the mountain (at 400m), the temple is accessible via cable car or lift. Nearby is an observation deck and a summer beer garden with a breathtaking view of Tokyo. You can also hike up to the summit for a clear view of Mt. Fuji.

How to get there Ride the cablecar (Takao Tozan Dentetsu) from Kiyotaki Station to Takaosan Station. Take the lift from Sanroku Station to Sanjo Station. The temple is a 20 min walk from Sanjo Station.
Website Mt. Takao
710X200 Tokyo Kabukiza

Kabukiza (Chuo district)
If you are interested in Japanese culture, then a kabuki performance should not be missed. Performed only by male actors (they also play female roles), this traditional art showcases elaborate costumes and makeup. The newly-opened Ginza Kabukiza holds regular performances year-round, and earphone guides provide narrations for non-Japanese speakers. You can either watch a full performance or a shorter (one hour) performance.

Performance times 11am (Matinee), 4.30pm (Evening Show)
Ticket price ¥4,000 - ¥20,000 (single act tickets ¥800 - ¥2,000)
How to get there 5 min walk from Ginza Station (Ginza subway line, Marunouchi subway line, Hibiya subway line)
Website Kabukiza